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  • Honestly, I thought it was just me that is annoyed by this.

    1. Some rubbish YouTube videos gets posted talking about gossip.

    2. Low quality news or gossip news links

    3. Some contributors posting 4+ links at once and pushing down the quality links to the bottom quicker.

    This just lowers the quality of Island Cricket. I Completely agree with the solutions given by Sri Lanka Cricket.

  • Why Sri Lankans make everything political? Is there no life beyond politics? Do you see everyone in Green or Red or Blue colours?

    People have different personalities. Murali is known to yap. He too might have weaknesses. But if we as Sri Lankan disrespect our players for weaknesses that “we all have”. No one from from the outside will value our players.

  • This is just a very sticky situation. I agree with the contracts that they need to be transparent. I think maybe giving 45% to performance 45% to fitness and maybe only 10% to other things might be more acceptable.

    First they need to give non international players a decent wage so players are less likely to go. Hopefully they can somehow do this sooner than later before we lose anymore players. I’m more sad about Aponsu because the guy wasn’t tested much at all. And he had potential. Shehan had enough chances and he wasn’t at a international standard to the slot he played.

    In terms of shuffling players I’m most sad about Dimuth because the guy got our ODI cricket from the hole we were in to a losing but not losing by much standard. I understand he’s old school but he’s like a Atapattu to me. Holds the innings together.

    Fitness standards like the 2KM run is a good thing. There has to be a measurement for fitness and it changes with the times. That’s normal. First there was beep test then the Yoyo test and now the 2KM. This strict fitness standard came because our fielding was in a very bad state for a few years. Dropping catches, not running double singles enough, clear panting after scoring 60, 70 runs. And a few of our team members like Malinga and Mathews gotten lazy and put on a few pounds. This wouldn’t be a problem if we were winning games like the old times. But, when you are losing series after series at home or away, there is a problem. Selectors and coaches cant do nothing. And as a international player it is a duty of the player to keep fit to the standards required. I think even if the selectors wanted Malinga to play they can’t do it because if they make and exception to Malinga, people like Mathews and other seniors will ask the same and then we are back at the beginning.

    This English tour will answer a lot of questions. Lets see how they do.

  • I know this isn’t at all related to Sri Lankan Cricket. But, I thought this is something very interesting that us Sri Lankan fans can take a leaf out of. At long last we are also trying to build a system to take our cricket to the top. We have our top cricketers like Aravinda, Murali, Sanga in the cricket committee trying to do something that has never been done before.

    This is never easy. We already have our cricket fans criticizing almost their every move. Their decision to radically change the system and recently dropping some seniors to give games to promising talent that will have match experience by the time 2023 world cup are always criticized.

    Not all change is bad – we as fans need to understand that. We need to understand that whatever that is already were in place wasn’t working. Instead of pulling the leg because our favourite cricketer didn’t get selected, we need to see the long-term future of our cricket. if we are to ever go head to head with the cricket giants like India, England, Australia like we have done in the past, we must support these radical decisions. People in that cricket committee have nothing to gain. They have already earned enough money from cricket. They are there to help us.

    Remember that the times have changed. We need to adapt or we will get left behind.

  • Completely agree with Rehan here. People forget that there are so many people competing for 11 spots that only the most deserving will get to play. Bhanuka is a talented cricketer but as coach said, lacked fitness standards of a international player.

    If we make exceptions for Bhanuka or even someone like Malinga. What kind of message do we send to the rest of the players?

    If players can go on TV and complain about things to get into the team with the support of fans, then what kind of message do we send to the rest of the players?

    This is dumb and I hope our cricket fans are able to understand this point of view.

  • Can’t make the same argument for every player when Bangladesh got carried by a single player.

    We can’t get one good knock out of a player like Dhanushka, KJP, Dhananjaya, Kusal Mendis. These players have been playing for a few years now. And still, they can’t deliver except for the odd/rare game.

    It is truly sad that we are describing Dickwella as a dependable player. Don’t get me wrong, he is a good player and must be on the team. But he has often gifted his wicket in the ’30s and ’50s and a long way to go before he becomes “dependable”.

    We are at the bottom of the rankings with our seniors like Mathews and Chandimal and will continue to be at the bottom for the foreseeable future without them.

    If we are struggling to win matches against Bangladesh, quite frankly getting thrashed by them. Even in the first game if it wasn’t for a lower order Wanidu knock we would’ve got thrashed.

    How are we going to win against top teams like England, India, Australia, NZ?

  • Honestly, Rex, I saw the professionalism and all round journalism on the legends series you did. But, this article is a huge disappointment to me.

    You are just throwing out controversial statements. I expect something I read from a professional journalist to be based on facts. Not questioning our players integrity like this. How would you feel if people wrote articles about your integrity?

    They definitely deserve some criticism on the preparation and fitness for this series but are the players even responsible for that? Because of Covid things just got cancelled. And the board is responsible for organising practice sessions and camps.

    You are writing as if you hate our team and just to get people to click this unneeded title and content of this article.

    I expect better from Rex Clementine.

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