Oh Mickey, what's popping mate? Discipline, hard work, and accusations

Mickey was the head coach in 3 International teams prior to Sri Lanka and we are his 4th. But in all the teams he had issues with certain players. Why though? Because he was into discipline, hard work and commitments and nothing else, In that case is it fair to pin everything on Mickey…


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  1. Compare to 2019
    Srilankan teams fieldings and fitness has Been improved alot.

    Remember champions trophy 2019 we dropped many many catches like players had hole in hands. Fielding was sloppy and slow.

    See now we have a INTERNATIONAL STANDARD FIELDING. + BOWLING HAS IMPROVED. only thing is to improve batting and consistant scoring.


  2. If players once dropped will go to Sirasa & other media to give interviews & criticize the coach & board to get into the team, is that good? Whether the player is right or wrong this cannot happen. If Bhanuka is selected now for the touring team it will make a very bad precedent for others in the future to follow. We have had many public spats by players like Thisara & here comes the latest. He should have done what was told to him as any other player would do without ruining the good name of his employer & the coach, blaming all except him.

    • Completely agree with Rehan here. People forget that there are so many people competing for 11 spots that only the most deserving will get to play. Bhanuka is a talented cricketer but as coach said, lacked fitness standards of a international player.

      If we make exceptions for Bhanuka or even someone like Malinga. What kind of message do we send to the rest of the players?

      If players can go on TV and complain about things to get into the team with the support of fans, then what kind of message do we send to the rest of the players?

      This is dumb and I hope our cricket fans are able to understand this point of view.

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