How inexperienced was Sri Lanka compared to Bangladesh?

A brilliant all-round performance from the Bangladesh cricketers saw them make history as they beat Sri Lanka comfortably yesterday by 103 runs (D/L) and thereby recording the first ever series win against the Lankans with one game to go.

After yesterday’s loss, talking at the post match interview, Sri Lanka skipper Kusal Perera said that lack of experience cost them the game.

How inexperienced were Sri Lanka compared to Bangladesh yesterday? We look at a statistical comparison between the two teams…

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  1. It’s a very valid point. When the SL team (11 players) are so inexperienced when compared to Bangladeshis, our tour selectors should have been more careful in addressing this drawback when they picked the final XI. I raised this point in my last two posts that we shouldn’t have been selected two newbies (Pathum & Ashen) who have not performed recently satisfying the criteria requirements for modern day ODI cricket. Take very recent performance levels (as recorded in Cricinfo) which are so pathetic.
    M I Runs AV SR 4s/6s SR4s SR6s
    PATHUM NISSANKA 5 5 70 14.0 68% 8/0 13 0
    ASHEN BANDARA 5 5 141 35.3 65% 9/1 24 217

    Their SRs are nowhere close to the current requirement of 85%/90% min for batters.
    Their boundary and sixes hitting abilities are equally pathetic.

    I don’t know on what basis these two newbies were included for the first two matches after neglecting a so dependable player like Dickwella, who is currently holding the maximum boundary hitting ability among all our current ODI batsmen.


    • Can’t make the same argument for every player when Bangladesh got carried by a single player.

      We can’t get one good knock out of a player like Dhanushka, KJP, Dhananjaya, Kusal Mendis. These players have been playing for a few years now. And still, they can’t deliver except for the odd/rare game.

      It is truly sad that we are describing Dickwella as a dependable player. Don’t get me wrong, he is a good player and must be on the team. But he has often gifted his wicket in the ’30s and ’50s and a long way to go before he becomes “dependable”.

      We are at the bottom of the rankings with our seniors like Mathews and Chandimal and will continue to be at the bottom for the foreseeable future without them.

      If we are struggling to win matches against Bangladesh, quite frankly getting thrashed by them. Even in the first game if it wasn’t for a lower order Wanidu knock we would’ve got thrashed.

      How are we going to win against top teams like England, India, Australia, NZ?

      • I agree with SinceThe90s. Transition and inexperience are used as excuses. Dickwella dependable? That’s a joke. We have no consistent players who will do well in every game. We need to be realistic with our expectations. Patience is a must. We can’t keep chopping and changing after every series. That’s what got us in this mess.

  2. Well, haven’t things done the full circle? For many years SL would take the micky out of Bangladesh who simply had no answers for us and of course we were world beaters competing against the best. Now, Bangladesh have grown up and sporting some real experienced talent. Guys like Saqib, Mushy and Tamin played in the WC in the Windies – that was in 2007 (yes when we lost in the final to Aus!).

    These guys are now well experienced and more importantly quality world class talents, especially at home. So your not going to just knock them over unless you bring talent to the contest. We are rebuilding with youngsters and players whose quality and talent is yet to be proved. So get ready for the thrashings to continue for a while but lets hope some of these youngsters produce the goods for us.

    A bit unfair complaining about young talent like Nissanka and Bandara – these guys are playing in the least competitive diluted cricket system in the world, they have little or no change to compete against the top teams on entry – it will take some.

    If you think of Bangladesh, they have a reasonably competitive white ball league including the BPL which has been running well for a while when SL admin has been looking at each other to even start a proper comp. These glaring errors in management will be costly I am afraid.