Sidharth Monga – How did India build their world-beating bench strength? They have a system

For long, its population made the country’s talent pool notionally the world’s largest. Now India has methods to identify and develop that talent to the fullest

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  1. I know this isn’t at all related to Sri Lankan Cricket. But, I thought this is something very interesting that us Sri Lankan fans can take a leaf out of. At long last we are also trying to build a system to take our cricket to the top. We have our top cricketers like Aravinda, Murali, Sanga in the cricket committee trying to do something that has never been done before.

    This is never easy. We already have our cricket fans criticizing almost their every move. Their decision to radically change the system and recently dropping some seniors to give games to promising talent that will have match experience by the time 2023 world cup are always criticized.

    Not all change is bad – we as fans need to understand that. We need to understand that whatever that is already were in place wasn’t working. Instead of pulling the leg because our favourite cricketer didn’t get selected, we need to see the long-term future of our cricket. if we are to ever go head to head with the cricket giants like India, England, Australia like we have done in the past, we must support these radical decisions. People in that cricket committee have nothing to gain. They have already earned enough money from cricket. They are there to help us.

    Remember that the times have changed. We need to adapt or we will get left behind.