Please only share quality content on IslandCricket, don't repost

This is a kind request from a Cricket fan.

I’ve been a big fan of Island Cricket for years.  I’m aware that the Island Cricket website is maintained by voluntary contributors. Sometimes I notice that some contributors republish the same news links that other contributors have recently posted already, which annoys readers. Moreover, a few contributors seem to have a habit of posting half a dozen substandard YouTube channel videos in one go which is very annoying.  

While I thank the administrators and most of the Island Cricket contributors, it would be appreciated if above described contributors can be a little more responsible when posting content.

Thank You !

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  1. I totally agree with you. News articles and especially videos can be awarded points based on the quality of their content. Posting videos with poor content should be discouraged by awarding fewer points or top posts can be awarded extra points.The quality of posts should also be taken into account when contributors are promoted to higher ranks.

  2. @Joshua John, @Hit-Wicket Thank you for your comments.

    In my opinion,
    1) Republishing the same news/video URL shouldn’t be allowed by the system.
    2) Only trusted and reliable contributors’ posts can be displayed on the website automatically ( Others should be published with the approval of admins)
    3) Posts with important content or a higher number of views should be rewarded.

    It’s the responsibility of all of us to maintain the quality of Island Cricket, as international cricket fans also visit Island Cricket.

  3. Honestly, I thought it was just me that is annoyed by this.

    1. Some rubbish YouTube videos gets posted talking about gossip.

    2. Low quality news or gossip news links

    3. Some contributors posting 4+ links at once and pushing down the quality links to the bottom quicker.

    This just lowers the quality of Island Cricket. I Completely agree with the solutions given by Sri Lanka Cricket.