Forensic audit on Sri Lanka Cricket reveals irregularities in issuing broadcasting rights – report

The forensic audit conducted into Sri Lanka Cricket has revealed a number of suspicious transactions including the transaction which involved granting broadcast rights for local matches.

A Cabinet memorandum approved on the 27th of June 2011 stated broadcasting rights of international cricket matches in Sri Lanka or overseas should be given to a state media institution. The Cabinet memorandum further states any private TV or radio station dedicated solely to sports can be given such rights following discussions.

However, details have now surfaced revealing, Sri Lanka Cricket had not followed the necessary protocol or tender procedure when awarding broadcasting rights for local stations.

Yet another revelation made was that the Chief Operating Officer of SLC had made these transactions through his personal e-mail account and not via the official account.

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  1. How is it that these fraudulent activities are exposed but the culprits continue their employment at SLC? It is the culture of this organisation that only crooks survive the system. Any honest employee soon gets the flick. Good for nothing Harin…. get off drug induced stupor and do something about these people.