‘Sri Lanka are winning, but it’s in spite of the system’

“The Sri Lanka team may suddenly be performing, but don’t let the administrators and politicians hijack credit. Don’t let them preach, as they did after the Test series win in South Africa this year, that their archaic domestic tournaments are responsible for such triumphs. If Sri Lanka succeeds, it is in spite of the system. They are winning now, but how much better could they have been with administration that is not incompetent?”

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  1. Guys just face it. Do you think suddenly SLC is going to be the shining light in a corrupt and violent nation and have solid management?

    1948 British left and 30 years of mismanaging the country started a war and decades of bloodshed. The island of blood and tears is what people call Sri Lanka.

    Even after the war with Tamils ended now more flames are being set and we think SLC will be this one place things will be normal?

    This is Sri Lanka. We need to get the entire house in order before we worry about SLC.