Shammi Silva just a ‘puppet on a string’

Sri Lanka Cricket officials Shammi Silva, Mohan de Silva and Ravin Wickremaratne

We don’t think that SLC President’s claims are of his own but  they belong to the entity that he represents. Shammi Silva appears to be having  little control over cricket governance since becoming President by default early  this year. Cricket is being run from Campbell Place and not Maitland Place.   Thilanga Sumathipala not only stole the show during Lasith Malinga’s retirement  game but appeared on television outlining his vision for the game. Is there a  better example of ‘puppet on a string’ than this?

Thilanga is not the only person who is dictating terms to the  SLC President. Sports Minister Harin  Fernando is  all over him.  Here’s an example. All-rounder Thisara Perera asked clearance from the board to  play the Global T-20 in Canada. SLC turned down the request. Thisara approached  the Minister and SLC’s decision was overturned at the drop of a hat. Now that’s  called having a soft corner for a fellow Josephian.

While big boys like Harin and  Thilanga  are busy  running Sri Lanka Cricket, Shammi is flexing his muscles giving punishment  transfers to peons at SLC.


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  1. Its so sad whats happehing at SLC its very clear as water SLC cricket constitution ,cricket laws needs to change as per todays requirements ,voting members needs to be reduced from 124 to less than 20(all these so called cricket pundits just did nothing wen this was increased or its non playing member clubs included ) ,change domestic cricket as per Sanga Mahela reports ,vital changes to domestic pitches ,have required quality local coaches as per requirements ,have the correct required Head Coach with proper agreement based on targets ,performance
    But yours and mine six million dollars question whose going to do how fast
    This is the required way to SAVE SLC AND Cricket

  2. This article is almost accurate. Yes There was some puppeteering going on and the ‘Yako’ boy Shammi was pandering to the minister and getting beaten up by the puppet master. So at present it looks like the puppet master and the puppet are at loggerheads. Recent events at the ExCo are evidence to it. The ‘Yako’ is certainly attempting to show his powers by transferring staff without warning to HPC. If staff don’t tow their line they get banished to HPC without warning and they have no work at HPC. It would be interesting to probe how many staff have been moved to HPC in the recent past without any requirement for additional resources being made by HPC.
    On another note how many provincial coaches were interviewed and how many were recommended for hiring? 60+ interviewed and only a handful for recommended. However 40+ were offered contracts!!!!
    The kindergarten cop of a minister needs to grow up and the ‘Yako’ needs to be removed if we want remedy the rubbish that going on at SLC. But that’s only scratching the surface of the iceberg.

  3. I was losing my mind when I saw Thilanga on air in the commentary box during Malinga’s farewell game. Could not stop swearing at the TV. Why the producers even allowed him on air was mind boggling. If they only understood how despised Thilanga is in Sri Lanka.

    Puppet on a string is an understatement – Shammis Silva is basically getting fully nailed both ways. Taking it in the mouth from Thinlanga and in the backside from Harin. A fully @rsed farked spinless cock sucker. He is clearly enjoying taking it both ways.Each to their own I guess.

  4. We need to reach the day where this sort of conversation is a thing of the past! It’s crazy that we continue to run SLC like a circus. It’s time for the ICC to step in and sad as it may be, do a Zim on SLC. If we continue on like this, it would be sadder.

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