ICC chairman Manohar arrives in Sri Lanka

A group of delegates along with the Chairman of the ICC Shashank Manohar arrived in the island yesterday (August 22) for a 04-day official visit. The ICC Chairman and the delegation met the Sports Minister Harin Fernando this morning (August 23).

The delegation will also meet the President of Sri Lanka Cricket and its Executive Committee. The ICC Chairman is making this visit following an invitation from Sri Lanka Cricket and was seen watching the 02nd days play of the 02 Test Match between Sri Lanka and New Zealand today.

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  1. I wonder if the Chairman of the ICC is aware of the political manipulation by Harin?? Photo ops with the thieves at SLC… Shammi & Ravin. Harin is positioning himself until the TV deal is done. Not long to go before they pocket the big $$$…. that is all this mob is interested in. How are they still holding office when the audit report has exposed fraud? It’s hushed up until the TV deal is made…. how is this not headline news? Harin and Shammi have gossip sites on their speed dial. All the meeting information and documents are leaked to the media by Harin and Shammi…. but the poor peons get penalised for it!!!