ICC has issued criminal charges against individuals of SLC – Arjuna

Former Test captain Arjuna Ranatunga has stated that the International Cricket Council has notified Sri Lanka Cricket and Minister of Sports Harin Fernando about criminal charges against certain individuals.

SLC has been under investigations for the last two years and Ranatunga, a former Director of the ICC, made the statement yesterday.

“I got to know that the ICC has issued criminal charges against certain individuals of SLC and this has been notified to both the Sports Minister and SLC,” Ranatunga said in a statement.

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  1. One wonders what happened to certain person who was very close to SLC GOONS during his playing days after 1996, concerned persons brother was the CEO , there were so many misappropriations during that time, now saying against them.yeah wen things were going good had tea with them since couldn’t continue now going after. There is a sinhalease saying HORUTH EKKA HITIYOUTH NAGITINNA WENNEY HELUWEN .another one TAMAGE KILLOTAYE HUNU THIYAGENA ANUNGE KILLOTAWALA HUNU BALANAWAGE, one needs to be careful and should have a clean records/past to criticise a subject or persons, if you had questionable dealings with them in the past then it’s like spitting ur face by urself our criticism based on TRUE LOVE WE HAVE FOR THIS LOVELY GAME AND IT’S COUNTRIES PRIDE also cannot forget bad HISTORY so easily which paved the way for what SRI LANKA CRICKET going thru now