Hathurusinha entitled to Rs. 86 million if Sri Lanka Cricket terminate his contract – report

Ousted Sri Lanka cricket coach Chandika Hathurusingha is entitled to a one-year’s salary to the tune of Rs. 86 million after his services with the team was terminated this month.

The entitlement is in keeping with the clauses in his contract he signed with Sri Lanka Cricket which states that in the event of his services being terminated he will be paid his earnings of Rs.7.2 million a month for one year.

If Hathurusingha is still an aggrieved party he could go up to the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Switzerland and present his case…

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  1. Has someone managed to wave a magic wand or is this Hathuru’s work paying dividends in the NZ series? Yes he failed miserably in the WC etc but he just needed to be managed well which didn’t happen at the start. He is a skilled coach and should be retained but then the joker Harin wants him gone. This is the result when children are given power.

    • Changing coaches like this is bad management from SLC. Harin is kicking Chandika out because of what Chandika did to Angelo. Nothing else. Sports minister and Mathews are close friends. But Chandika will have the last laugh.