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  • එක සම්පුර්ණ ඇත්ත නුමුත් අපේ රටේ ක්‍රිකට් රකින්න ඉස්සරහට බුද්ධිමත් ව රටට ආදරය කරන ක්‍රිකට් නිසි බලඨාරියෙකු හෝ ක්‍රිකට් කැක්කුමක් තියෙන අය නැහැ ඒ නිසා වනිදු අකමැත්තෙන් වුවත් ඔහුගේ අනාගතය සුරැකීමට එම දැවන්ත මුදල නිසා යැමට ඉඩකඩ ඇත.ඔහුද ඔබ අප වැනි මනුස්සයෙක් .

  • selectors should know about players ability in da past & present .just trying testing should not b da correct criteria as we have been testing ,testing on incorrect platform for da last 11/2 years.
    example Sandakan(no personal grudge or dislike) for long period he gets dropped in da past as he is unable to maintain length & line in a spell (10 overs) time & time again.just check his past performance match by match.not consistent at all.
    Also its good Captaincy was given back to Dasun.He led the team well in Pakistan against all odds & won 3 nil ,watched all matches everyone was together as a team moral was high performance was consistent as a team.Unfortunately due to a sad sad visa issue ( wat da hell they SLC ,Team Manager dont they check players documents prior to the tour. very very strange – these ar lapses or planned inside plots happening from 2010 to date as we have a absolutely corrupted SLC for donkeys years)
    So unfortunately all unnecessary pressure falls on players .

  • Well said Susantha, why Susantha only us see thru why people who better than us have authority do not see it, when on earth sanity will prevail in SLC.
    Politicians have DESTROYED SRI LANKA CRICKET , only hope that present Sports Minister get God’s Blessings to continue for next five years if not GOD BLESS SRI LANKA CRICKET

  • It has become a tradition if not a act on media briefing after loss of a match or a series, come man wake up you’ll made a mockery of the tour party by changing a winning combination wholesale by bringing in saw called better established ( saying used by the so called Team Manager )players (where was this established player’s in Pakistan wen we thrashed Nov T20 team by 3nil), then from 2nd match as usual started sacrificing young potential players who performed well in Pakistan saying now famous established player’s, come 3rd T20 bring back unestabilshed ( as per Team Manager ) two player’s on again and in at incorrect batting slots which showed Acting Head Coach. Chief Selector cum Team Manager inability to understand the situations , abilities of the player’s and the game
    SLC needs quite quickly find a suitable Head Coach and a professional ,a matured head with experience Team Manager so to avoid further disaster.
    It’s not that just because we lost a series we needs to cut and chop official’s, it’s because they both are not suitable to hold that positions.
    Two positions needs to have proper , professional
    experienced officials not just vacancy fillers as it’s not a CCC, SSC we are talking about its our national team .
    So hope sincerely SLC will open their eye’s and take a note of this vital comments.

  • I am so sorry to say this we have heard enough of this WE SHOULD B MORE PREPARED, WE SHOULD B READY, WE COULD DO BETTER, WE NEEDS TO BUILD UP FROM HERE etc etc for very long time from 2017 todate, but the bitter truth it does not move or does not looks like on the move , so please let’s us see what you’ll say happening then of course we will make comments with sincere appreciations for doing it .We honestly do not wanna always make criticising comment as we too are sick of it.
    But keeping quite also cannot be done when things does not happen to the betterment of this lovely cricket as silence will be taken granted as a approval or a weakness.
    So let’s sincerely hope DEAF BLIND attitude will be over and sanity, wisdom will prevail.

  • Dear Susantha it’s quite obvious it’s too much of responsibilities and power to De Mel as the Chief Selector and the Team Manager, he is beginning to make vital mistakes at crucial point’s, why i say he said before the match he dropped Banuka for established player’s, where was these player’s wen we toured Pakistan and won 3 nil.
    So before he becomes another Hathursinghe and make blunders and awful statements must releive him from being the Team Manager, soon he should be told or adviced to be more tactful,meaningful in selecting player’s for tours or on team selection before he messes with player’s confidence or his future.

  • SLC should be run by intelligent, honest people. just like in politics they fight to get elected cause of its income and it’s prestige not to improve, maintain and achive high digree of cricket results.
    So now after almost 22 years Sri Lankan public got to know the real TRUTH of a former SLC President who simply responsible for the present debacle in cricket .
    The Very common motto COUNTRY FIRST does not apply at SLC also and not in politics too.
    So you cannot expect Selectors to be guided in the right direction to discharge their duties if this saga continues .Since they needs to satisfy certain people not the cricket or its cricketers .they will continue incorrect selections time to time as they are not being questioned or guided by proper administration. .
    Hope politicians, corrupted persons will not run SLC after the end of present administration and SL will see proper persons will be given opertunity get elected so we can breadth happily and will not allowe us to criticise like this.

Viewing 10 comments - 1 through 10 (of 110 total)