SLC, wake up! Change the team manager!

Sri Lanka Cricket SLC

Needs to have a professional with brainy head a motivator and a cool man as the Team Manager, it’s absolutely pathetic what’s happening in Sri Lanka Cricket. Chief Selector as the Team Manager why always asian cricket heads do not think positively or with cricket sense if of course THEY LOVE CRICKET nothing else but cricket, Pakistan made massive error with appointing Chief Selector as the Head Coach.

It’s quite obvious at times present head of selecting make in out blunders with his selections , it’s a thank less difficult job which needs 100 % attention and lots of scarifications so how can same guy with so much responsibilities be the Team Manager cause that too needs lots of attention all the time and it’s a different requirement, it’s so sad SLC administration do not understand the critical needs of cricket.

Please we needs a full time professional with the  likes of Charith Senanayake , Breedon Kuruppu etc, a Team Manager needs to be with the team understand their feelings, talent, what requires and what to do and not to do.

You delay further to understand the requirements of a Team Manager we may have to face  seirver consequences on selecting proper players and having a tactful team selections which may affect players again like what we had with Hathursinghe by over burdening him with unnecessary power responsibilities which paved the way for him forget his duties to perform as the Head Coach which ultimately made the player’s, team suffer. End result Sri Lanka Cricket hit the lowest Web in the history of Sri Lankancricket.

So this bit long comments made cause we as fans see disaster round the corner with some unimaginable team selections on the Australian tour.

Wake up SLC before its too late. We needs you to think in all area’s in cricket that’s all we simply required from you’ll we don’t get or have pleasure in criticising you’ll, take it positively and do the right thing that’s why you are their cause we cannot do it.


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  1. Dear Anura, I too agree with your comments. Asantha’s role as the Team Manager has not done any good with regard to the build up of our T20 outfit, but instead it has created more & more new problems that need to be addressed before the WC. As the chief of the tour selectors he made some bad decisions for the last two matches concerning the selection of the first 7 batsmen. I think he is not able to recognize the required quality and standard of a batsman for a modern T 20 match, probably could be due to the fact that he was playing only as a bowler during his career. And to add salt to the problem the second tour selector (captain Malinga) too is bowler. And the third tour selector? Usually he is the vice captain and therefore had to be Dickwella. And we all know that Dickwella is a second choice / option player in our T20 team after Kusal Janith. So it is very clear to everyone why these three people made many foolish & bad decisions on selection and batting positions for the first seven batters in the 2nd & 3rd matches. You can list out some of their bad decisions as follows;

    (1) Danushka the first choice opener was dropped for the 3rd match – (not acceptable)

    (2) Why Dickwella was once again introduced as an opener where he has not performed well and/or tried recently as an opening batsman.

    (3) Dropping Bhanuka and Oshada for the 2nd match was the most surprised decision. They were the only two batsmen who played well in the practise match (both played two typical T20 innings) and they should have been given more chances to improve their game on fast / bouncy tracks and the first 2 matches were played on such tracks. So dropping both for the second match cannot be justified.

    (4) Continuation of stepmother’s treatment to Bhanuka, the most ideal recent discovery in the T20 outfit. In the last match he should have batted at no 3 and not at no 7.

    (5) Only reason for this could have been that Asantha thought that Bhanuka was not a good batsman in comparison to all other 6 batsmen who came to bat before him. That also confirms my earlier comment that he is not aware of the quality required from a T20 batsman.

    (6) Bhanuka’s demotion to no 7 has badly affected the final result of the match for SL I feel. It was a perfect wicket for Bhanuka to play his trademark leg side sixes (he proved that in the match by scoring a 6 and a 4 in only 11 balls he faced). One can imagine if he came to the wkt earlier what damage he could have done to Aussies, but both Asantha and Malinga had other ideas and they both kept him till the 17th over. One can suspect whether this was a deliberate action of the tour selectors to avoid Bhanuka showing his heroics to the public. What a shame ?

    (7) Step mother’s treatment to Banuka can be well proven even from the cricinfo statistics of the three matches. There were 11 SL batsmen/bowlers played in a minimum of 2 matches. Out of all of them Banuka was the batsman who was able to face only 17 deliveries which is also the minimum, whereas all the other 10 batsmen (which includes two bowlers as well) had faced more than 21 deliveries.

    (8) Why they dropped Dasun S. for the last match? It’s a major surprise !!! When SL was planning to give the captaincy to Dasun after the retirement of Malinga, he should have been playing in all matches. Beside he is the second Power Hitting batsman we have in the team (apart from Bhanuka). None of the other middle order batsmen in the team are power hitters or regular six hitters.

    (9) Even not playing the fifth bowler was the other selection blunder of Aantha. We saw what loose balls were delivered by Shehan J in his 2 overs. SL didn’t have any other regular/part time bowler to bowl 2 more overs.

    (10) There was very poor team balance (a subject Asantha used to talk very highly in team meetings) with only 4 bowlers and no good part-time bowlers.

    (11) Wanindu H should have been played in the last match. In the first 2 matches as the wickets were fast and bouncy, Wanindu could not produce any good result. But the third match was played on a track where he could have produced better results. As Sandakan is also not yet bowling well we should have tried Wanindu as he is the only good and accurate (on slow wickets) leg spinnier we have.

    Asantha working as a Team Manager and handling tour selections are not going to do any good for SL cricket. As he is also the chief selector all the players have to face undue pressure due to the fact that they are performing with so much of fear to retain their places. SLC should realize this very soon and make the necessary changes to appoint competent team managers for every tour and limit responsibilities of Asantha de Mel for only squad selection issue in the SLC.


  2. Well said Susantha, why Susantha only us see thru why people who better than us have authority do not see it, when on earth sanity will prevail in SLC.
    Politicians have DESTROYED SRI LANKA CRICKET , only hope that present Sports Minister get God’s Blessings to continue for next five years if not GOD BLESS SRI LANKA CRICKET

  3. I must say I cannot fathom why we changed the Oshada and Banuka combo at #3 /4. It just lacked any logic other than one failure. Then we bring in Dikka to the middle order and then float him to the top. It like we have no idea what we are doing and making decisions after a few arracks!! Oshada got the same treatment after his debut in SA against a quality pace attack. We brought in Thiri and dropped Oshada. Why don’t we just stick with the guy who is performing – I mean isn’t that the whole idea of selections?

    After a long time a genuine big hitter makes a mark for SL and we so desperately need this. We have been messing around with even guys like Chandi and now finally Banuka comes and shows us what we can do. What do we? Drop him after ONE failure in Australia. Seriously, folks this is like insanity gone wrong and what’s more De Mel still reckons this is all fine.

  4. Stormy, there is a simple answer to your concerns about our tour management has made those unwanted selection blunders. We must not forget that there is a big vacuum or an incompetence issue with these three guys on their knowledge on batting. Our Head coach & Team Manager were both fast bowlers and Malinga too is a fast bowler, so how can they take a proper decision on batsmen replacements, changing batting positions and most importantly correcting or advising on any mistake /issue on batting. Definitely if our team went without this Head Coach and Team Manager they would have done better without facing undue pressure from the tour management I am sure.

    From time to time “Satans” do appear to destroy SLC system and the game of cricket in SL. We had Thilangs for a long time messing up with the management & financial issues. The latest being De Mel and Rumesh and both are either messing up with team selections or not providing any help to improve our batting.. Both of them are so incompetent in the responsible roles they are holding.

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