The second-string Sri Lankan team has exposed the longstanding selection issues

Sri Lankan selectors have been the biggest reason behind the team’s poor performances in recent times. The success of the second-string Sri Lankan side in Pakistan only proves this longstanding issue.

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  1. The SLC is simple – its run by politicians and like most things politicians runs it’s a sad failure. Worse still, political appointees are forced to run a professional sport along political lines as opposed to merit – the essence of sport.

  2. SLC should be run by intelligent, honest people. just like in politics they fight to get elected cause of its income and it’s prestige not to improve, maintain and achive high digree of cricket results.
    So now after almost 22 years Sri Lankan public got to know the real TRUTH of a former SLC President who simply responsible for the present debacle in cricket .
    The Very common motto COUNTRY FIRST does not apply at SLC also and not in politics too.
    So you cannot expect Selectors to be guided in the right direction to discharge their duties if this saga continues .Since they needs to satisfy certain people not the cricket or its cricketers .they will continue incorrect selections time to time as they are not being questioned or guided by proper administration. .
    Hope politicians, corrupted persons will not run SLC after the end of present administration and SL will see proper persons will be given opertunity get elected so we can breadth happily and will not allowe us to criticise like this.