Gutted Sri Lankan coach labels loss ‘unacceptable’

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  1. It’s so disappointed to see how our players performed in the two T 20 games. No doubt it’s due to lack of preparation in similar wickets (fast & bouncy) as Rumesh (coach) has commented. But there are many areas like running between the wickets, accurate bowling / not giving easy boundary balls & mistiming all big shots and they need lot of improvement. SLC has a big responsibility to provide the necessary coaching to improve all our T 20 players before the next year WC.

    Our players must look at the way how Smith played a typical test match type inning to score a half century at a SR of 147%. With no sixes and no power hitting. Ausies first three batters all can score very fast at 150% SR and will follow by Maxwell who can achieve 200% SR regularly.

  2. It has become a tradition if not a act on media briefing after loss of a match or a series, come man wake up you’ll made a mockery of the tour party by changing a winning combination wholesale by bringing in saw called better established ( saying used by the so called Team Manager )players (where was this established player’s in Pakistan wen we thrashed Nov T20 team by 3nil), then from 2nd match as usual started sacrificing young potential players who performed well in Pakistan saying now famous established player’s, come 3rd T20 bring back unestabilshed ( as per Team Manager ) two player’s on again and in at incorrect batting slots which showed Acting Head Coach. Chief Selector cum Team Manager inability to understand the situations , abilities of the player’s and the game
    SLC needs quite quickly find a suitable Head Coach and a professional ,a matured head with experience Team Manager so to avoid further disaster.
    It’s not that just because we lost a series we needs to cut and chop official’s, it’s because they both are not suitable to hold that positions.
    Two positions needs to have proper , professional
    experienced officials not just vacancy fillers as it’s not a CCC, SSC we are talking about its our national team .
    So hope sincerely SLC will open their eye’s and take a note of this vital comments.