Sri Lanka must prepare better for T20 World Cup – Ratnayake

Interim coach Rumesh Ratnayake believes Sri Lanka must have better preparation on fast pitches prior to next year’s T20 World Cup in Australia if they are to be competitive in the tournament.

Sri Lanka were beaten out of sight by Australia in the three-match T20I series that concluded on Friday after coming to Australia with high hopes following a series whitewash of the world No.1 team Pakistan last month.

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  1. I am so sorry to say this we have heard enough of this WE SHOULD B MORE PREPARED, WE SHOULD B READY, WE COULD DO BETTER, WE NEEDS TO BUILD UP FROM HERE etc etc for very long time from 2017 todate, but the bitter truth it does not move or does not looks like on the move , so please let’s us see what you’ll say happening then of course we will make comments with sincere appreciations for doing it .We honestly do not wanna always make criticising comment as we too are sick of it.
    But keeping quite also cannot be done when things does not happen to the betterment of this lovely cricket as silence will be taken granted as a approval or a weakness.
    So let’s sincerely hope DEAF BLIND attitude will be over and sanity, wisdom will prevail.