Pramodya- The right man to KILL Sri Lanka Cricket

Pramodya Wickremesinghe a big name in the Sri Lankan Cricket arena. He has a good reputation and why shouldnt he have all the accolades as he was part of the 1996 world cup winning team. But if we take a moment and deep dive does he really have any qualifications or credentials to be the chief selector of Sri Lankan Cricket ? The answer is a stagerring No. He never held a decision making authority level even when he was playing and was not even considered in the think tank of the world cup wining team. In a way , its not surprising that Sri Lankan cricket is failing as we once again have the wrong man for the wrong job and paying heavy consequences.

He has already caused un reversable damage to Sri Lanka Cricket. Thisara Perera who definitely have another 3-4 years of Cricket and could have played a vital role in t20 cricket retired. He cut off Dimuth Karunaratne who had the best captaincy record since 2015 and played some remarkable knocks against Australia, Bangladesh, West Indies in ODIs. Lasith Malinga who could have contributed with his knowledge, tactics and talent was outrightly rejected and Angelo Mathews looks like he is going to bow out to retirement too. These damages will continue to haunt our team for the next 3-4 years and as I mentioned these damages are not reversable and immediate action is required for him to change the approach or go back to what he was doing before, what ever that was.

Yes, Sri Lanka was not doing great even before him but we were improving gradually, Sri lanka beat Bangladesh and West Indies in ODI series. Sri lanka beat the test World Championship team Newzealand comprehensly in Galle and won a test series with Bangladesh. We were a team gradually trying to raise our heads and Pramodya has manged to cut the rising heads and wait for new once to pop out.

The complete overhaul he made by leaving out all the senior players was utter stupidity and ignorence and if the idea was to bring in younger players it should havd been done on a smart rotation plan allowing the younger players to come up the curve under the senior players guidance.

The impact of the stupidity of the decision was clearly visible in the England tour and India tour and the responsibility of losing should taken purely by Pramodya Wickremesinghe and the sports minister Namal who appointed him.

We can’t now re-write history or changed the tarnished reputation but we should make some immediate changes to prevent Sri Lanka Cricket from becoming the next Kenya or Zimbabwe.

1. Bring back the senior players that have been left out and introduce a player rotation policy to introduce the young blood to the team. This will ensure young players are more successful and for our team to be more competitive.

2. Bring back Lasith Malinga to the t-20 side and have a gradual fitness improvement plan for his. Like Arjuna said fitness although is important it should be implemented and customised at a player level to support player fitness improvement rather than being used as a tool to cut off players.

3. Create a leadership team within the cricketers who will plan before and during the game. This is taking a leaf of New Zealand all backs tactics which had produced a miraculous team with over 75% win rate.

4. Let Junior players fight , prove their value and take the position of seniors without giving them the positions handed over in a golden platter. Competition within the team is vital and this can be only achieved by mixing up senior and junior players.

We have got the wrong man for the wrong job and results are speaking for itself now. Who would be the right man for the job to be the chief selector. It is for you to think but my opinon is it should be the 1996 world cup winning captain as his cricketing mind looks like its sharp and crisp as ever.

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  1. This is a totally irrational article probably a personal grudge. What did the the seniors he mention here did in the WI recently ? Not only they lost 3/0 but got two negative points being tardy on the field. Mathew returned back home on his usual tactics citing personal reasons literally for the umpteenth time The problems are due to the contract issue which is not Pramodaya’s fault. In fact Pramodaya wants bring back Malinga but it is the seniors who oppose it! I also not in agreement to change the captaincy from Kusal to Dasun but it also looks a board decision where Dasun gave away his colleagues for the greed of captaincy post. Parmodaya is not the right path but those whose interests are hurt because of the changes he made are going on slinging mud at him. We know a lot of agents & managers are on the senior camp so no surprises they use the social media to disperse incorrect information on Pramodaya & SLC.

    • This is not a personal vendetta or a targeted campaign. Pramodya has put the nails on Sri Lanka Crcket coffin period. He openly commented on public television that Malinga was asked to do 2 km and Malinga confirmed this on his youtube channel too.

      Your right if his parh is to destroy cricket he is doing those activities correctly.

      Sad fact is that his failed methods will be exposed in the upcoming months , but then the damages will be permanent and Sri lanka cricket would have moved from ICU to the Morgue

  2. selectors should know about players ability in da past & present .just trying testing should not b da correct criteria as we have been testing ,testing on incorrect platform for da last 11/2 years.
    example Sandakan(no personal grudge or dislike) for long period he gets dropped in da past as he is unable to maintain length & line in a spell (10 overs) time & time again.just check his past performance match by match.not consistent at all.
    Also its good Captaincy was given back to Dasun.He led the team well in Pakistan against all odds & won 3 nil ,watched all matches everyone was together as a team moral was high performance was consistent as a team.Unfortunately due to a sad sad visa issue ( wat da hell they SLC ,Team Manager dont they check players documents prior to the tour. very very strange – these ar lapses or planned inside plots happening from 2010 to date as we have a absolutely corrupted SLC for donkeys years)
    So unfortunately all unnecessary pressure falls on players .