Sri Lanka parliament unanimously passes bill to criminalise match fixing and sports corruption

Sri Lanka introduces laws to tackle match fixing and sports corruption

The Bill titled ‘Prevention of offences relating to sports’ was unanimously passed without amendments in parliament today.

The Bill, which sought to prevent offences such as match-fixing, corruption, manipulation and illegal betting in sports, was presented in parliament by Sports Minister Harin Fernando.

The Bill also sought to strengthen national and international co-operation among sports organisations, law enforcement agencies and betting operators, to exchange information relating to match-fixing, corruption, illegal manipulation and illegal betting in sports and promote best practices in sports…

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  1. I consider this as a great victory for SLC in their fight against corrupt administrators and cricketers who spoils the game of Cricket. Also appreciate the efforts of Harin who did a marvellous job in getting the much needed legislation passed, whereas none of the previous ministers didn’t do anything on this issue due to their incompetency or preference to protect the corrupt people.

  2. Deepa I agree with your comment. But there are two issues to the problem of damaging our cricket. This new legislation will solve only the first problem that is Corruption. But what about incompetent people holding responsible positions in the cricket board? They will still continue to hold these positions for which they don’t have a knowledge either to make a right decision. May be selection, managing the team or even coaching. Beside they get a huge chunk of the money given by the ICC as their salaries & benefits which should have gone to our deserved cricketers.

    SLC should appoint a Cricket Director (or a Chairman) to be incharge of every category of these responsible people I mentioned above. In my opinion that position should be given to the most deserved past genuine cricketer who is also widely accepted by the International cricket community as well as the ICC. We know the right person or few of the right persons we have in SL to be appointed as a Cricket Director. All other major test playing countries such as Australia, NZ, England, India and SA have the same way of controlling their cricket bodies.

    At the way wrong team selections are being done and coaches not doing a perfect job we must have a chief person to control this kind of incompetency in our cricket board.