Hathurusingha sues Sri Lanka Cricket for $5 million

Sacked Head Coach of the national cricket team Chandika Hathurusingha has sent his employer Sri Lanka Cricket a letter of demand to the tune of US$ five million citing wrongful termination of contract and damage to his reputation.

According to the former opening batsman’s contract, the arbitration now will take place in Geneva, Switzerland. Hathurusingha has returned to Sydney, Australia where he resides and the lawyers will take the matter further.

SLC officials said that they were prepared to bite the bullet and be involved in a legal battle although it is going to cost them an arm and a leg.

Cricket official further said that they will have to pay Hathurusingha compensation but it wouldn’t be as big as US$ five million.

When the parties discussed a ‘mutual separation’ Hathurusingha had demanded to be paid the salary of 18 months remaining in his contract.

That would have come close to a figure of US$ 1 million. However, SLC was willing to pay only six months of his salary. With discussions ending in a deadlock, Hathurusingha decided to take legal action…

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  1. Who in SLC admin will be held accountable for this error which could cost this much? We cannot continue to have clowns doing the circus act at SLC which is having such a detrimental impact on the game and now costing dearly too. Its admin 101 – you cannot run a professional outfit with no accountability for those responsible.

  2. Always they say they are going to audit the SLC books but nothing happens. Should expose how much money has been wasted on court cases and fraud wire transfers to overseas accounts. What is SLC bank balance these days? What happened to losses from that White Elephant the Mahinda Rajapaksa Stadium in Hambantota?