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  • This is not sports journalism – it’s pure gossip and trash. Not a fan of Thirimanne, but speculating he’s retiring just when he’s had his best test form in years is pathetic. Articles like this with zero substance or reasoning behind them should not be shared here. And some of the supposed cricketers stated as possible replacements have hardly played any FC cricket or have pretty poor FC records. The official team for the WI test series has not even been released yet by SLC. Literally a trash gossip column written by a 12 year old it seems…

  • He’s a current Lankan cricketer – and a Test cricketer at that! Why is is he coming to Australia and playing club cricket here at the third tier? Is our domestic cricket structure so poor it’s better to play 3rd tier amateur level cricketers here in Australia (I have had friends play this tier and believe me when I say it’s amateur)… Bloody how bad has Sri Lanka’s domestic cricket got?!

  • Let’s be clear here… Thawfeeq just compared some of the greatest Cricketers in the World History of Cricket (Sanga, Murali, Mahela, De Silva) to the likes of Udana, TP, and Tharanga in terms of having fair player contracts to reflect the assets they are to the country? Is this a joke? Assets appreciate over time. For example, Sanga retired with a Test Batting average over 57, ODI batting average over 40, etc., by the time he retired. I don’t need to state the statistics of the more recently retired players mentioned above because they are pedestrian to say the least. How they managed to continue to playing for Sri Lanka till their mid-30s is the real question. Have we truly forgotten our cricketing achievements of the past we are calling the most medicore of players now assets? If these medicore players want to retire and go play in meaningless T20 leagues here and there let them – not a loss. That’s probably a fairer reflection of their ‘asset’ worthiness than what they are to

  • Erm… there is a 6 ft 4 left arm seam bowler named Binura Fernando, who just turned 24 by-the-way, playing league cricket in England now as our selectors are blind as bats and do not know how to nature talent. He also took a hatrick in the league.

    I would not get so excited about Dilshan Madushanka as he will probably get lost to our selectors too.

  • Alright. I have praised Asantha in the past for some of the players he has birthed into the side, but now he is talking absolute rubbish. When we won in SA we had Hathu in charge, when we won in Dubai, we had a head coach too. When won in England in 2014, we had a head coach. Every major test series victory we have had a head coach. Now suddenly, after throwing away the second test against NZ, we do not require a head coach? Such flawed logic.Who is this guy kidding?

    If Dimuth and every damn captain since Mahela/ Sanga/ Dily retired could set a field I would agree. But strategy is one clear area where our current crop of players are literally “deer in the headlight.” I am not sure what cricket Asantha has been watching of late, or what bad batch of crack he has been snorting to come up with this type of ridiculous comments. He has seriously compromised his standing as Chief Selector saying this garbage.

  • Stress fracture if I recall. They can take quite a while to recover from. Same happened to Chameera and when he came back he had lost a good couple yards of pace. There are quite a few articles online on stress fracture for fast bowlers. Not sure if we are managing these type of injuries well in Sri Lanka.

Viewing 10 comments - 1 through 10 (of 27 total)