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  • How hilarious to see a bunch of big mouthed zero yield walking wickets, repeating their usual some-ups never ever see the daylight ..LoL

    Keep your big foolish mouths shut and do some justice to the WC spots freely granted by your near and dear bosses …. You all are just ruining the joy, pride & hopes of millions in SL.!

  • Here we go….
    have a close look to understand the hilariously inverted double standard selection policy of SL Cricket exterminators….

    “ILLUSTRIOUS” ODI batting records of constantly Preferred & matches doomed ETERNAL FAILURES… now in 2019-WC squad, during past 24months since June 2017 :

    performance against test playing nations

    Kusal Mendi – 21.16 Av
    DM de Silva – 16.00 Av
    Thirimanne – 29.66 Av
    Samarawickrama – 18.00 Av
    NLTC Perera – 9.33 Av

    “Hip Hip, Hooray”………………!!!

  • Stormy – read the complete article first properly to understand the exact point deeply stressed here with appropriate stats, unless you have some comprehension problem.

    Before making idiotic comments such as “we tried & they failed ” to echo the same lame superficial excuse given by the responsible culprits to easily fool the gullible nose-length-visioned fans like you, who live by the day & don’t even remember what they had for breakfast.

    Please read the sequence of happenings given here with complete statistical evidence to understand the systematic elimination ploy enforced through repeated axing to bust the confidence and mental suppression in the form of 6 months long blackout to prevent regaining the superb form maintained since 2016 ..! Also, look at the recent batting records of all those eternal-FAILURES( Kusal Mendis, Thirimanne, Dhanjaya de Silva, Milindha Siriwardane, etc) & last moment creepers (Dimuth Karunarathne, Jeevan Mendis) in the WC squad.

    How many batters in the WC squad have even overall ODI Averages beyond 20s ? Have any of them scored a single CENTURY during past 2 years for SL? .

    Did Mathews do anything significant for SL during past 8 months in ODIs to be in the squad? What were the batting averages of all those failures in the WC squad who continuously got chances to play all ODIs in past 18 months?

    Answer these questions or Stop your Nonsense talk mate..!

  • FYI I have played enough hard-ball cricket more than ever you could dream of – division 1 cricket for 8 yrs, apart from university & college cricket since under 13 and state services division A as well. From your typical layman comments (ie: trying to ascertain a batter’s technique against in the air swing, quoting entirely unrelated parameters such as quick bouncy decks shows your depth on the subject- LoL)..

    Are you saying …..A man who score 7k runs with 15 Hundreds & 39 fifty pluses all over the world facing the new ball from best in the trade of seam bowling as an Opener under all conditions prevailing in their own dens ( scoring hundreds in every Test playing country other than Australia – where he missed his certain ton by 14 runs due to winning the first ever series in Aus with his man of the match winning unbeaten 86*)… can only thrive on flat decks.????

    Before making purely idiotic comments like this and trying to disregard the solidly proven performance career stats maintained over 15 years (not a year, 2, 3 or 4 … but maintaining a record over 15 yrs – is not something that anyone could easily achieved – longer the duration harder the task as any sensible person would know ) .

    When did you starart watching cricket? LoL

  • The intention is pretty clear. This blogger is desperately trying to uplift his buddy Dhanushka Gunathilake by putting up rubbish blogs to attack Upul Tharanga….simply because his buddy is no match for SL’s one of the best-ever ODI Openers, Tharanga. Obviously this blogger is trying hard to make use of severely CURTAILED without ANY INTERNATIONALS for ELEVEN MONTHS (from Feb 2018 – June 2018 & from Oct 2018 to March 2019) since Jan 2018 to Match 2019 & thoroughly suppressed his batting form by 2 repeated axing implemented within the 2 ODIs given with a 5 months in-between blackout. .

    Now just look at the so called opener Dhanushka’s shown ability Vs those teams so far: Is this look like a player with lot of potential as opener? After playing 23 innings to collect 623 @ 27 Av – he has made just 4 x50s and yet to to score Hundred Vs those teams. Only vs Nz he had managed 30 or above Average. His overall average is just 32 mainly thanks to Zimbabwe & Ireland after playing 35 innings. We lost the 2017 Zimbabwe series mainly due to his selfish slow batting as Opener, wasting more than 35 overs going at a Strike Rate in the 80s to score, on a 300+ (100+ SR demanding) demanding flat track…….
    Dhanushka Gunathilake
    Vs Aus – 15.33 Av
    Vs Eng – 28.40 Av
    Vs India – 26.66 Av
    Vs WI – 12 .00 Av
    Vs Pk – 13.00 Av
    Vs Nz – 35.71 Av

    On the other hand, Upul Tharanga had scored 25 x 50+ scores including 10 x 100+ scores vs those six teams putting up 4,901 runs @ maintaining 30.25 Av – Tharanga is ranked 9th in the all time SL batters who scored most number of 50+ score Vs those 6 teams..! Sanga is no1 with (95 x50+) @ 40 Av / Jayawardane ranked 2nd (81 x 50+) – 33 Av & Jayasuriya ranked 3rd with (80 x 50+ ) – 31 Av / Aravinda ranked 4th with (64 x 50+) – 32 Av .

    An mediocre Opener like Dhanushkawho had needed 33 innings to top his first thousand runs… can only dream to achieve such status ever.!!!! Opener Tharanga had reached his 1k runs in 28 ings as SL’s QUICKEST to date apart from reaching his 3k & 4k as quickest & 2k, 5k & 6k as 2nd quickest in SL) :D)).;batting_positionval1=batting_position;class=2;filter=advanced;opposition=1;opposition=2;opposition=3;opposition=4;opposition=5;opposition=6;opposition=7;orderby=fifty_plus;qualmin1=10;qualval1=innings;team=8;template=results;type=batting

  • It is highly ludicrous & ridiculous to believe ODI format unworthy, non-credentialed, unproven, undeserved, unearned…. notorious last moment creeper (ruined 2015 WC as well) Dimuth Karunarathne will make a miracle impact in WC, instead of becoming an unbearable heavy log of rotten wood to the already gasping team (as proved in 2015 WC flop),! That time the jokers behind his gratis entry move, hilariously based it on a solitary Test inning in NZ & this time they base it on a Test series win in SA , crediting the lucky lottery on non-contributed skipper never lead the side from front as Opener in the series ( collecting just 86 runs @ 21 Av from all 4 innings in the series vs SA).

    Dimuth’s Test form in most recent 11 innings is even worse with 17 Average .! –
    Dimuth Karunarathne – 197 Test runs @ 17 Av – 1 x 50+ in his most recent 11 innings!

    Lame Justification for creeping him in is all baseless bull s**t expectations induced by the same spoon handling culprits behind this insane move, for our gullible fans live by the day to swallow.

    Genuine ODI Opener Upul Tharanga was AXED TWICE to halt gaining his rhythm, imposing a straight FIVE MONTH axing without allowing any matches for Tharanga since Oct 2018 & another axing after the 1st match given in 5 months.- This tretment was rendered just because of a brief dip in form SIMILAR to Dimuth Karunarathne’s at present . At that time UT’s most recent 11 odi innings – 217 runs @ 21 Average (much better than Dimuth’s current state )- but Ut was AXED for 5 months despite the lean patch included even an ODI triangular series winning vital 50+ inning in a final, which won him the MoM award as well .

    His 11 innings prior to that: from Sep ’17 to Feb 2018 – 112*, 61, 0, 8, 49, 7, 95, 11, 25, 17, 39* = 424 runs @ 47.11 Average, but the next 11 ing brief dip in form was enough to eliminate him with such treatment.

    This is the insane LOGIC of SL cricket endorsed by some north-south polarity screwed pundits among our fans . So no wonder why we are in this pathetic state today becoming a real laughing stock to the entire world… Next time we can participate in a WC among associate members of ICC like Holland, Canada, Nepal, etc. 😀

  • Why anyone should pick a rarely dropped catch (in 2017) to highlight if it has no malice intention? Haven’t we seen sometimes easy dollies were occasionally put down by even the best in the trade of fielding? Instead, Why not highlight a held high-class catch or a created unique record in catching/fielding that never got due appreciation like the others get, for a change?

  • Yeah…… none of them were subjected to such unfair harassment, numerous cruel axing episodes restricting to solitary matches, given over days, months up to years apart, repeatedly throwing such stumbling blocks to prevent gaining his rhythm /confidence. They were never subjected to any unfair criticism targeting to demean their achievements….if none pulling their legs unfairly as this guy experienced during the past 5 yrs of career (3yrs virtually wiped off) , then why should anyone bother to defend them with such stats & facts?

    As long as, there is no humbug criticism or unfair critics targeting any player, why should anyone bother to stand up and counter it? So the scenario is entirely different. Missing the point here & naively assuming it as a weakness covering up attempt …. and implying it again to downgrade Tharanga… proves the prime need of such countering to buster them.

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