Upul Tharanga’s poor performance against top-quality teams


I would like to further highlight the poor performance of Tharanga against top-quality teams.

His batting average against top-quality bowling attacks is as follows:

Australia – 22 Innings – average 24.38

India – 43 innings – average 30.70

New Zealand – 19 innings – average 32.74

Pakistan – 34 innings – average 28.79

South Africa – 26 innings – average 24.80

The West Indies – 12 innings – average 27.18

England – 16 innings – average 48.14

Numbers do not lie. Only against England he has a good average. However, one must note that he scored most of his runs against England prior to 2015 when England was not a good one-day side and when they did not have a strong bowling line-up. What is more this is a guy who played test cricket for almost a decade but could not score a century against any top team. All his centuries in test cricket came against Zimbabwe and Bangladesh. Even in ODI cricket his best performances are against Zimbabwe and Bangladesh. His strike rate in ODI cricket is 75.93, whereas Danushka Gunathilake’s strike rate is 84.7 while his average is 32.41 out of just 36 matches. True, he is inexperienced, but he is a highly talented cricketer.

Unfortunately, he does not have a lot of support from the media like Tharanga. Tharanga is heavily backed by Rex Clementine. There are many other people in the media who back Tharanga. Tharanga is now 34 years old. We must back young talent like Danushka.


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  1. Upul Tharanga has a visible error in his technique against swing bowling in fast and bouncy tracks

    I see many articles publishing stats about his averages and runs scored (all in flat tracks) he really bank runs only in flat beds

    A coach and selectors can see who are the better players during net sessions

    I’m not a coach by profession but have seen danushka gunathilake bat at ssc, dambulla and at colts this guy has immense talent skill he’s got

    Timing, power ❤️As coach hat hu says the best opener for srilanka

    If we make him properly surely the next Sanga this guy

    Dimuth’s defensive game is much better but honestly my school mate has to prove a point in odi’s it’s a attacking game u can’t play test there modern psi game as hathu says very correctly is an attacking game with lot of mind games u can’t play test cricket there

    Look at usman law aka transformation to odi’s he attaches the bowlers but shot selection is perfect

    You give respect to bowler but you also attack

    Look at our young players no respect for bowlers see how Avishka Fernando bats all rash shots for top class bowlers like steyn and throw the wickets

  2. The intention is pretty clear. This blogger is desperately trying to uplift his buddy Dhanushka Gunathilake by putting up rubbish blogs to attack Upul Tharanga….simply because his buddy is no match for SL’s one of the best-ever ODI Openers, Tharanga. Obviously this blogger is trying hard to make use of severely CURTAILED without ANY INTERNATIONALS for ELEVEN MONTHS (from Feb 2018 – June 2018 & from Oct 2018 to March 2019) since Jan 2018 to Match 2019 & thoroughly suppressed his batting form by 2 repeated axing implemented within the 2 ODIs given with a 5 months in-between blackout. .

    Now just look at the so called opener Dhanushka’s shown ability Vs those teams so far: Is this look like a player with lot of potential as opener? After playing 23 innings to collect 623 @ 27 Av – he has made just 4 x50s and yet to to score Hundred Vs those teams. Only vs Nz he had managed 30 or above Average. His overall average is just 32 mainly thanks to Zimbabwe & Ireland after playing 35 innings. We lost the 2017 Zimbabwe series mainly due to his selfish slow batting as Opener, wasting more than 35 overs going at a Strike Rate in the 80s to score, on a 300+ (100+ SR demanding) demanding flat track…….
    Dhanushka Gunathilake
    Vs Aus – 15.33 Av
    Vs Eng – 28.40 Av
    Vs India – 26.66 Av
    Vs WI – 12 .00 Av
    Vs Pk – 13.00 Av
    Vs Nz – 35.71 Av

    On the other hand, Upul Tharanga had scored 25 x 50+ scores including 10 x 100+ scores vs those six teams putting up 4,901 runs @ maintaining 30.25 Av – Tharanga is ranked 9th in the all time SL batters who scored most number of 50+ score Vs those 6 teams..! Sanga is no1 with (95 x50+) @ 40 Av / Jayawardane ranked 2nd (81 x 50+) – 33 Av & Jayasuriya ranked 3rd with (80 x 50+ ) – 31 Av / Aravinda ranked 4th with (64 x 50+) – 32 Av .

    An mediocre Opener like Dhanushkawho had needed 33 innings to top his first thousand runs… can only dream to achieve such status ever.!!!! Opener Tharanga had reached his 1k runs in 28 ings as SL’s QUICKEST to date apart from reaching his 3k & 4k as quickest & 2k, 5k & 6k as 2nd quickest in SL) :D)).;batting_positionval1=batting_position;class=2;filter=advanced;opposition=1;opposition=2;opposition=3;opposition=4;opposition=5;opposition=6;opposition=7;orderby=fifty_plus;qualmin1=10;qualval1=innings;team=8;template=results;type=batting

  3. Dear yohan

    Sorry non of the players are my buddies

    Sorry I’m big cricket fan do not have any cricket releationship with any cricketer I play cricket

    U are only comparing stats because u never played cricket which I feel sorry for

    U can see a talent of a batsman in cricket nets u don’t need stats

    Tharanga has a very big technical failure in facing the new ball

    I mean you won’t c it because u only compare stats
    But the truth is Tharanga can’t play good line and length swinging balls hell get out just poking out

    I mean didn’t u watch the South Africa tour

    I mean he is not solid at all he is like a female cricketer holding the bat

    No foot movement at all such a ugly batting style

    But scores plenty of runs in flat batting tracks

    Good for Zimbabwe and uae teams like that didn’t you c him bat in South Africa I mean why did he fail there if ur saying he is soo good

    I mean selectors on tour assured him few chances

  4. And yohan you are trying hard to get Tharanga back in the team for the World Cup

    I don’t mind if danushka is not in the World Cup team even if we have better operners

    Yohan talent is not stats
    Form of a cricketer is not stats

    U are such a blind srilankan

  5. Yes Tharanga scored runs in South Africa few years ago

    South Africa only had thahir as the only experienced bowler

    Rabada was new ngidi not there steyn missing

    I mean asela scored a century tooo

    Dickwella scores runs

    But against a very strong South African team

    Yohan u saw the batting of Tharanga ryt

    Didn’t u watch my friend

  6. Yohan please if ur doing stats

    Please publish an article here of Tharanga last ten Odis runs scored

    People will laugh at you please

    Cricket is not only stats yohan

    Please play then you will understand

  7. FYI I have played enough hard-ball cricket more than ever you could dream of – division 1 cricket for 8 yrs, apart from university & college cricket since under 13 and state services division A as well. From your typical layman comments (ie: trying to ascertain a batter’s technique against in the air swing, quoting entirely unrelated parameters such as quick bouncy decks shows your depth on the subject- LoL)..

    Are you saying …..A man who score 7k runs with 15 Hundreds & 39 fifty pluses all over the world facing the new ball from best in the trade of seam bowling as an Opener under all conditions prevailing in their own dens ( scoring hundreds in every Test playing country other than Australia – where he missed his certain ton by 14 runs due to winning the first ever series in Aus with his man of the match winning unbeaten 86*)… can only thrive on flat decks.????

    Before making purely idiotic comments like this and trying to disregard the solidly proven performance career stats maintained over 15 years (not a year, 2, 3 or 4 … but maintaining a record over 15 yrs – is not something that anyone could easily achieved – longer the duration harder the task as any sensible person would know ) .

    When did you starart watching cricket? LoL

  8. Hey man… read my blog article highlighting your desperate stupid attempt by creating a new profile @ IC as Ashoka – a week ago, just for the purpose of attacking Upul Tharanga, obviously intending to promote your buddy Dhanushka as evident from the outset … how funny is that ? LoL

  9. Hope and pray both Upul Tharanga and Lasith Malinga don’t get selected for the team

    Blessings for the whole nation

    I was never to be part of this blog but I saw people like yohan publishing articles and comments just blindly supporting Upul Tharanga just based on very past stats

    Whole nation laughs at you such a disgrace for the whole nation

    I will back tharanga if he scores runs in hard games that is for sure but people like you yohan

    Will curse if danushka or Dimuth is scoring runs

    That is why we as a country have failed

    I mean if you yohan have some dignity and pride in what you do

    Rather than on one player try to figure out what’s best for the nation

  10. We have to move forward as a nation

    The best 15 in the country should go to the World Cup

    Just go to the past and c

    All World Cup winning teams not only cricket take
    Football rugby also

    The best team wins not individual hero teams
    And the team with the best spirit

    • The whole prepares as a family not that Upul Tharanga will prepare separately for the World Cup

      Please yohan and other individual boosting bloggers this is for our nation alll players selected will fight for the country

      Please for the sake of the country don’t boost unesserily

      On useless players

  11. Yohan you are the once who create memes in Facebook and other social media for naturally talented players like Kusal Mendis not letting them focus on matches

    You guys are destroying the sport and the image of the country for sure

  12. I hope cricketers like Upul Tharanga and Lasith Malinga will never be borne in this sacred motherland just for the sake of love for the mother nation ❤️Srilanka 🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰

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