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  • I do not think Chndimal is ready for retirement. He has cricket left in him.

    Yes the board should try to accommodate farewell requests but also the cricketers should know when to leave. Very hard decision. I see that very few SL bowlers have got a farewell as they always stay in hope that that they will get selected or get fit for the next tour etc.

  • Mahela has a good cricketing brain and he knows how to get the SL setup to work by getting into multiple tournament finals during the time he was around in the team. But unfortunately he will not even consider SL coaching with current Bookiepala lead SLC setup. It is a long shot for him to be appointed for India.

  • In my opinion Chandimal should be brought back into the test team and then considered for selection for ODIs. I do remember him struggling in the ODIs though he made some runs in the domestic tournament. Our domestic setups is useless as an indicator for selection. I wish Chandimal gets invited to play overseas club Cricket so that he can improve his game.

  • I do understand the pressure to make the decision. But he could have asked for a replay since the ball went off the batter and they should have checked if it was intentionally done. While checking that they could have checked when the 2nd run was completed. Good to see Dharmasena accepting the error to show another aspect of Cricket that makes it what it is……

  • This would be great slap in the face if he gets it or short listed, but going by the way things happen in SL this would not account for anything……. Bookipala’s SLC will just ignore as if nothing has append and continue to suck the blood out Cricket in Sri Lanka…..

  • There is no point in changing the coaching staff now and waste money on the contractual obligations. It should be the SLC setup that should be changed. For me WC was an improvement, SA tests were major achievement, on where we were so stick to the back room staff for at least for another year.

  • @Stormy is not a contributor who keep fluctuating but agreed majority of the fans out there are not patient and do not understand the bid picture and want instant solutions for all problems. In my opinion it is an issue with the new generations. In addition to giving continued run in the team these new guys should be guided on how to develop their mind and their analytical skills so that they do not fall when hit by adversity. The current generation of Cricketers come from over parenting and they are unable to think for themselves and also do not know how to handle failures. They also have a sense of entitlement some times…… Dropping new recruits is not the solution to fix continued failures but educating them on how analyse and fix the problems that lead to the failures. Once the other teams starts to take note of Avishka they will be targeting his weaknesses and the going will be hard for him and will need to be always a step ahead…… Also when budding new talent I would also recommend the selectors to do good interview to check their non-cricketing skills to see if they have what it takes to go the distance. Sanga would be a good consultant to get advice on how to formulate this interview.

  • Great to see this aspect of SLC brought up again. Considering all other blunders of SLC this a spec in the eye!. Yes I also agree that it is not correct to impose religion on Cricketers…. I am correct I think Anji’s down fall started after he made this visit under the orders of Sumathipala which also included all the non Sri Lankan support staff…..

Viewing 10 comments - 1 through 10 (of 254 total)