Authorities look after Avishka Fernando

Avishka Fernando

It’s a humble request from the responsible Sri Lanka Cricket Authorities to look after with utmost care in handling ,coaching the naturally gifted stylish, technically perfect confident Avishka Fernando. 

He is Sri Lankan answer to Virat Kholi, Williamson &Root .

He should not be unnecessarily pushed with responsiblities, unwarranted attention, should be handle with care or what happend to highly talented Kusal Mendis will happen to him.

He should not lose his confidence,his talent and should not ends in no man’s Land. He is a treasure of Sri Lankan cricket. 

He is top  world beater and has shown as a 21 year old with just three innings in 2019 world cup against strong sides like England, South Africa and West Indies. 

So it’s up to Sri Lanka Cricket authorities to manage him, guide him to be a world class record breaking batsman. 

It’s kind request only for the sake of This gifted cricketer, for Sri Lanka Cricket and Our Dear Motherland’sPRIDE. 

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  1. Agreed 100% and please don’t DROP him if he fails in the next few games. We have done the ‘drop everyone in the hope someone will come good’ strategy which has got us no where. It’s been a long time since a 21 year old has scored an international hundred for us so lets just accept this is going to be a pillar of the future.

    We should also get the other Fernando Oshada in to the top order and again please don’t drop these guys as the first sign of failure.

    I cannot get over the “drop Kusal Mendis” theme going around. He must play all forms till he works it out and he will. When guys like this come around, you just plant them and watch them blossom.

    • The difference between the new young players and Kusal Mendis is that Mendis for the most part has only scored when the series has been decided which keeps him in the team until the next series . Thanks to him Sri Lanka has the slowest middle overs run rate out of all the teams at the world cup whereas the top order( which includes Karunaratne who scores slower than k Perera and Avishka Fernando) has scored at the fastest run rate of all teams in the world cup. Kusal M unlike any other number 4 in the world cannot rotate the strike which is the most important factor in choosing a number 4 for reference see Root, Kohli, Du Plessis etc. Also in modern day cricket the deciding factor in bringing matches close to finish is having someone who can hit the ball hard ie a power player. By him wasting deliveries during the middle overs the lower order must score at an even faster rate to make up for it. The best option is to slot out kusal mendis and allow him to work out his problems with strike rotation because the best players can score 5 runs an over without taking a risk or putting unnecessary pressure on the other batsmen. Dhananjaya De Silva is a different case because he has improved his bowling and his batting has for the most part been up to par for the position he’s been batting at. The ideal team for Sri Lanka after the world cup is depending on conditions:
      1)Karunaratne/Gunathilaka ( spin/batsman)
      2) Kusal Perera (wk)
      3)Avishka Fernando
      4)Oshado Fernando
      5)Aesela Gunaratne( medium/ batsman who can score at a reasonable pace and can hit the ball far, only if in form * see domestic form)
      7)Dasun Shanaka( medium and power hitter)
      8)Dhananjaya De Silva( can bat well at number four and bowl his full quota)
      9)Akila Dhananjaya( better than our current actual spinners even with remodeled action)/ Tharindu Kaushal
      10)Asitha Fernando( can swing the ball) / Vishwa Fernando( for the left arm angle which is extremely important for our very similar attack)
      11) Lahiru Kumara ( for the extra pace which is needed for a varied pace attack to extract more from unfriendly pitches, in addition to our aging bowling attack its best to try youngsters for the next few years before the next World Cup). Depending on conditions it’s is best to add an extra bowler at the expense of Gunaratne. In addition to this we should look at India, England and South Africa’s example of using wrist spinners, Akila Dananjaya doesn’t turn his off break, leg break and his googly mostly skids on which can allow batsmen to play across the line without much fear, he only turns the ball when the pitch is undoubtedly in favour of spinners. It is best to reintroduce Tharindu Kaushal due to the fact that he can actually turn the ball even on flat pitches. He is undoubtedly the most talented spinner in Lanka also because most of the domestic pitches are turners this has led to left arm inferior versions of jadeja and off spinners who don’t spin the ball but bowl quickly and let the pitch do the rest dominate the domestic scene. In order to adapt to modern cricket times we must develop fair pitches in Sri Lanka to increase the number of wrist spinners and improve our current crop of fast bowlers ability to bowl on flat pitches. This is the only way to compete in the 2023 world cup which will mostly likely be a mixture of flat or some turn and seam pitches.

  2. Sad part is, just as you support these talented players…. soon as they fail 2 series in a row you start making playing IX”s without them. And start asking why they are in the team.

    First it was: thiri and chandi then it was kusal mendis and dhananjaya now its avishka and oshade

    By being in this forum I see us sri lankans have patience for 10 mins with our players.

  3. @Stormy is not a contributor who keep fluctuating but agreed majority of the fans out there are not patient and do not understand the bid picture and want instant solutions for all problems. In my opinion it is an issue with the new generations. In addition to giving continued run in the team these new guys should be guided on how to develop their mind and their analytical skills so that they do not fall when hit by adversity. The current generation of Cricketers come from over parenting and they are unable to think for themselves and also do not know how to handle failures. They also have a sense of entitlement some times…… Dropping new recruits is not the solution to fix continued failures but educating them on how analyse and fix the problems that lead to the failures. Once the other teams starts to take note of Avishka they will be targeting his weaknesses and the going will be hard for him and will need to be always a step ahead…… Also when budding new talent I would also recommend the selectors to do good interview to check their non-cricketing skills to see if they have what it takes to go the distance. Sanga would be a good consultant to get advice on how to formulate this interview.

  4. Give both Avishka and Kusal Mendis a proper long run without dropping them or giving them extra responsibilities (Vice captaincy ect..), otherwise they will turn into the Chandimal/Thirimanne of today in a few years time. Both Kusal Mendis and Avishka have the potential to really sort out our middle order woes! Look after them well.