SLC should give farewell matches to deserved old players

It is shameful that SLC is not treating players properly. SLC only cares about money and power. They do not care or give any kind of consideration for valuable players. They do not have any plan for each and every player.

Players like Kulasekara, Maharoof, Upul tharanga, Chandimal, ajantha mendis and few other players were in the side for long duration. Those sort of players have experience and serve the country for reasonable time. So SLC should facilitate farewell games if players going to retire.

It is not good to keep them out of the side for too long and then officials will slowly forget them. It  not only demotivate the players but also will degrade country’s performance.

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  1. I do not think Chndimal is ready for retirement. He has cricket left in him.

    Yes the board should try to accommodate farewell requests but also the cricketers should know when to leave. Very hard decision. I see that very few SL bowlers have got a farewell as they always stay in hope that that they will get selected or get fit for the next tour etc.

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