Lanka Premier League (LPL) set to be scrapped?😊

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  1. We don’t like Arjuna as a politician.However the facts he brings out here is quite right.How come Dasun was engaged in Business Ads? A shame, the national captain! Then how can he control the rest.I think Dasun should be stripped of his captaincy as an example to others however much good he is as a captain.So many parties & extravaganzas unbelieavable.Was the purpose of the tour for fun?Discipline has gone through the roof clearly.Vandersay,Mendis,Dickwella,Bhanuka ,a bunch for fun & frolics.So the results understood.In Australia unlike Dubai, girls & booze freely available,so contrasting results naturally.LPL /T20 league notoriouly breeding betting,girls,& booze.What happens to bevy of white girls coming to dance? Ending up in officials’ & players’ rooms surely.We want a LPL after a clean out.This is good time for that bec no Namal, the SLC crooks can run to for survival.Jerome J & born again clan have a grip on Nama.No Dayasiri too.Best time to clean up
    for the Minister & Arjun

  2. Even what Mahela, with such world fame, did was very unprofessional.He should be a millionaire but chose ashamedly to open his crabs while engaged with tour duty.Is he so poor to stay a few days before or after the tour there on his expense to open it ? Come on Mahela, so stingy?Leaving aside Arjuna’s whatever personal vendettas he has with the SLC, he should bring strick rules to good governance & discipline to SLC & the players.SLC does the cunning thing to dish out its cash to covid/hospitals/govt funds or open grounds in Ministers’ electrorates to escape its corruption.Did n’t they start some cricket function recently from Polonnaruwa! Why Polonnaruwa? What a joke! These crooks should be kicked out sooner than later with an interim committee.SLC will threaten ICC will suspend us to get our fear out so that they can rule ever.Suspended or not ,get the crooks out Arjuna.