Bangladesh U19 vs India U19 World Cup Final Highlights 2020 | Bangladesh Vs India Highlights

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  1. I shared this video mainly for our coach (Hashan T) and all our U19 players to asses the standard of our team in all 3 departments (Batting, bowling and fielding) which is so poor and nowhere close to the standard of even minnows. It’s so sad to say that we are in the 10th place in overall performance in this WC. Few negative points must be noted. SL young generation is highly overrated and social media is responsible for this. It is a dream of this young players to get hold of a social media and produce a video and publish it among the cricket fans and the viewers. Their minds and the way of thinking are spoiled at a very your age. When they reach the age to represent the national team they will be even worse. Hashan T please don’t boast too much on their chances, which you did prior to the WC. It’s no point in giving so many excuses to the public on the teams poor performances.

    I think apart from the social media Hashan is also responsible for this debacle which is a very unfortunate incident to our Cricket.