The Morning tweet and Dhananjaya’s benching! – Clarification now! : What happened to Dasun Shanaka’s men in the Gulf

      By Revatha S. Silva The Morning tweet and Dhananjaya’s benching! – Clarification now! The Morning Sports’ Tweet on 15 September, which said two Sri Lanka players had been found betraying country’s course by underperforming ‘to unsettle an emerging team’ during the home T20 series against South Africa created uproar[…]

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  1. If two players were found guilty for betraying why on earth only one of them was benched entirely but the other was played for all matches? Akila Dananjaya was also benched for the entire tournament. Some other teams also benched some of their players for the entire tournament. Do they also have anything to do with betrayal? DDS played against Papua New Guinea although he didn’t perform well in that match. DDS would have been benched considering his poor recent form. It seems this is also another successful attempt by ‘The Morning’ to save their lost reputation.

  2. SLC has given good reasons why DDS was benched. However SLC should note there are a couple of valid issues that article points out: Why Shanaka was appointed as captain when he clearly did not deserve a spot in the playing X1? At least all are wiser now after the event, not only he did not perform adequately during the entire campaign but also at least a couple of losses could be attributed directly to poor captaincy at the time.Other important point is without senior support & he himself not performing to lead by example , SLC should think hard before appointing the next captain,hope Mahela will think of the country before the club.