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  • Nice work
    Don’t think mathews will get added. Has he played any cricket recently or worked on his fitness.I think kjp will be good go if we get out of the qualifing stage.
    On a previous article i said we should open with wanindu.
    I think we should pack the middle order with left handers so getting singles of spinners becomes easier.Dasun shanaka will hopefully be better on pitches with less spin and smaller grounds.

    My 8 would be : kjp,avishka,asalanka,kamindu,banuka r,shanaka,chamika,wanindu

    Selectors should have a good think about nuwanidu fernando as replacement for madushanka.fernando has all the shots and a thinking player.

  • Thank you for the comments.

    Interesting thoughts about’s in our nature to put less pressure on the young isn’t it.But it’s really down to the individual .some guys shrink under the burden others grow quickly and fly.I have a feeling wanindu is the latter.
    It is apparent that we need to do something about the lack of power hitting.Those grounds in abu dhabi,dubai are small.sharjah is very small !!. So big hitting will be a must .

  • Thank you for the comments.

    Has the final 15 man squad been announced ? I haven’t seen anything official yet. Lol.

    Interesting thing you said about the pitch conditions in the UAE everyone automatically assumes that pitches are going to be slow and turning because of the IPL.
    But isn’t the ICC in charge of pitches at world cups .Highly unlikely they will spin big as everyone thinks.
    This should work in SL favour as long as top order batsmen can utilise the powerplay.

  • Thank you for the comment . Yes i don’t expect there to be any changes at the top as well.
    Micky isn’t that creative,shanaka doesn’t yet have the power to make a big call like that and selectors will be too scared.
    So let’s hope for the best.i’ll keep supporting whoever plays.

    Just a little side note on power hitting,it’s to late to change chandimal now because he’s too old.Power hitting comes from bat speed,wrist work and a few other things .A good example for SL batsmen would be jos buttler.

  • If not dasun shanaka then who should it be ? Yes he needs to improve but i don’t see anyone else performing to his standards in atleast domestic T20.
    DDS has been around for a while. as you say there needs to be some experienced guys.His offspin is going to be important for us at world t20.

  • Totally agree .
    Kjp,dds and shanaka are the senior player.Most of the other guys are thinking cricketers
    But who are the senior players that can come into the playing 11 ?
    T20 requires power hitting,quick running between wickets and be more than average in the field.
    Most senior players in other teams meet these standards.
    Ex warner,smith,faf,pollard,morgan,kohli,sharma,williamson,boult etc….

  • Absolutely ,the current culture in the national team is wrong you can see it when they play cricket on the field ,and you can see it when they are off the field.Quite honestly this is a reflection on our soceity as well.
    The trouble stems from the fact that there are no true leaders in the national team for youngsters to look upto and model their lives after.we’ve all heard the the stories of how the likes of arjuna ranathunga instilled discipline on young players on and off the field.
    As a fan i’m completely disenchanted with the current slc setup. school cricket is broken,domestic cricket is a joke the national team rarely wins plus the players are indisciplined . i don’t see us getting any better.

    If the current administration was competent the player involved in this incident should have be given a one year ban.(even that might be too lenient as the player involved has shown no remorse)punishment should reflect the crime.

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