Out of the box options for T20 batting mess

Let me start by saying that T20 batting is very hard. It is a balance between power hitting and strike rotation.As we know sri lankan batsmen struggle with power hitting and strike rotation therefore our batting always fails at international level. And selectors don’t help when they think ODI form or domestic performances can be replicated at international T20’s. It’s clear that captain shanaka needs to find a new plan quickly. People will say it is wrong to chane things on the eve of the t20 world cup. But this is sri lanka cricket a bit of chaos helps us win tournaments!

New opening pair 

Kusal janith & wanindu hasaranga

I think we are lacking a opening pair that isn’t afraid to hit the ball in the air.

All due respect to avishka he’s a very good ODI player but he struggles in T20.I think avishka is working out his game and it is not fair to ask the young man to try clearing the infield without relevant practice.

When kusal janith comes back  we’ll have one opener that can go over the top. My pick for the other opener would be wanindu hasaranga. The guy seems to have lost focus with his batting. A promotion to the top would help him and the team. Wanindu is someone who naturally hits the ball in the air. Putting him in the powerplay will ensure we get off to a fast start. Scraping together 35 runs in the power play will not allow us to win games.

Banuka Rajapaksa at number 5

I am not a big fan of banuka rajapaksa. Didn’t like the way he used social media to get back into the team. And the selectors over reacted and put him at no3 in ODI’s what a joke that was. No one is saying he isn’t talented but his skill set at this moment is very limited. He is only a T20 player, he can’t handle serious pace, bouncers and yokers are always going to get him out.

The best way to utilise him is to let him play the spinners because he can hit spinners out the park any day of the week and we need someone like that between overs 6-15.

Pick players that can actually play T20 cricket

Can you have a batting top order that has avishka,dds,chandi and charith asalanka and expect to win games.Again all these guys are good 50 overs players. But i have never seen these guys play an innings that matches international T20 standards.

Even yesterday chandimal played a decent innings but he struggled in the powerplay created a lot of pressure for the other batters.He was swinging very hard with minimal results.this pattern is very similar in dds and avishka as well. So there needs to be a fair consideration of how many of these guys we can fit into the top 7 and where they bat.It was a joke seeing dds coming so far down the other day.

Strike rotation 

This is not out of the box thinking but i really don’t understand why this issue hasn’t been fixed. Strike roataion creates pressure on the bowlers and they  then change lines and lengths and the field. Thus giving the batsmen opportunity to find boundries in the gaps on the field. it’s not rocket science!!.

My experimental batting order would be 









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  1. Good thoughts, however we need wanindu as a bowler much more than his batting, so putting him as an opener might increase his workload and might loos his focus on bowling. So better not to put an additional pressure on him as a batter let him focus on his bowling as there is bigger threat awaiting since he is going to bowl against world class batters at the world cup. Still early days for him to become proper allrounder, which he can definitely work on in the future considering his big hitting skills, hand eye cordination and smart thinking. Its our utmost responsibility to protect him for the future srilankan cricket without giving additional resposibilities all of a sudden.

    • Thank you for the comments.

      Interesting thoughts about’s in our nature to put less pressure on the young isn’t it.But it’s really down to the individual .some guys shrink under the burden others grow quickly and fly.I have a feeling wanindu is the latter.
      It is apparent that we need to do something about the lack of power hitting.Those grounds in abu dhabi,dubai are small.sharjah is very small !!. So big hitting will be a must .

  2. Eventhough Chandimal got some runs, he coudnt up the ante in the final overs unlike Avisjka. When Avishka get through his initial period he can accelerate and put the bowlers under pressure whenever it is necessary. We should be persisted with Avishka as an opener unless he is injured, he is perfect partner for the KJP at the same time can play the anchir role and finishing role considering Banuka Rajapaksha (anither attaking player) as no 3. It is worth taking a risk of playing Banuka Rajapaksha at no 3 and give him enough confidence getting him into form for the world cup. And one good knock will boost his confidence and he will be back at his best. Chandimal should be considered if any njury issue for openers Aviska and KJP. Aviska, even if he fails, he will learn a lot, which chandimal didnt do playing around 50 international t 20. Atleast it will be beneficial for our future srilankan cricket. Considering our incapability in big hitting we need to find a place for the Lahiru madus