Asanka Gurusinha

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The forgotten hero. Asanka fondly known as ‘Gura’ was the fortress of Sri Lankan batting. When the rest caved in Gura stood strong – for a period 11 years, mind you!

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  1. Sri Lankan people and the SLC
    Sri Lankan people and the SLC were extremely cruel to a national hero such as Gura. I recall one tour some really stupid cricket fans stoned Gura’s house as well.. Many do not know, Asanka was one of the reasons we won the 1996 WC. Look up his stats from the tourney…In the finals he plastered shane warne all over!

  2. Gura was special no doubt!
    Gura was special no doubt! True fans of the game will always remember his contribution to SL cricket. It’s a crying shame his career was cut short as a result of some stupid decisions made by SLBC administrators. Drove the chap to leave his motherland at the prime of his career……..such a corrupt bunch of adminstrators!

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