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  • Jeez. I am not posting anything on this site again. Dikka definitely not best player or perfect character. But after seeing what all current player have to offer in terms of consistency, dikka is the most consistent. I was talking about after this world cup. As most of u know this team is oldest team in world cup. He failed in provincial tournament yes. But he average like 34 in past 2 years in odi. I just don’t think it was rational decision drop him. I don’t think current world cup team includes the best players in SL. But I really hope everyone included in this team performs and hopefully win us some games. I want players to be energetic, motivated do better, be Happy, enjoy these moments cuz not everyone get to represent their country at the world cup, play with passion, dedication do better. But most of the time I see depressed, sad, moody, drama queens, seem like they just their, seem they have no plans they just go about things. Like they don’t want to win. U must plan execute plans to win games. U not gonna win games if u don’t put the effort. With most of our players skill not problem. Mentality very important in cricket. I just don’t see that side of the players. There are 8 more matches to go, I really hope they can turn things around put a fight. Show case their talent and skills. As viewer, it’s sad seeing players not enjoying the game and not having fun cuz that makes it hard for me enjoy.

    Message to website. I was looking delete my post as Soon as post this article cuz I knew people would get my intention wrongs or something. But I couldn’t find it. So can u delete my article. I am just 21 year old fan. I don’t wanna be accused of anything. I was just sharing my view point.

    Good luck to the team and peace to everyone.

  • Hey man chill. This is my first time posting something this was my overall thoughts. I am no way trying promote dickwella. I always support who ever represent SL. I just wants best for SL cricket that it. I don’t want this to be about certain player because I don’t wanna start arguments about players, selection and non selection of players. And Like u mentioned dikka is no way perfect he makes a lot of mistakes. But my point being that we should back players that are even little bit consistent cuz at the moment no one is. And stat proves that dikka has been the most consistent in the past after tharanga and he is not in the team. Meanwhile He is making hundreds against India A. One of issues with SL is lack of leadership. Leader should be able bring a team together, come up with plans, ideas, create a positive environment, talking responsibility, good communication, friendly with everyone. Out of everyone dikka has shown most of these traits. I don’t think dimuth is permanent solution to this problem. Like most captains in the recent past he is mostly likely to disappear after world cup. I think dikka could be leadership solution and he is good player. He needs improve his game and more but he has the potential. This is just one part of the SL problem. We needs good players, mentally touch, and smart individual.

  • Chandimal: low on SR, low Average and low on confidence
    DDS: mainly playing as batsman and isn’t consistence and his SR kind of low for modern day
    Kusal mendis: been nothing but disappointment in odi. He does big talks of getting 1000 runs in odi in a year but can’t even get 50. He is still young so he can improve and come back strong in few years. Should play test thoo
    Shanaka. Barely bowls, so can’t play as all rounder
    not even proper batsman whacking few sixes doesn’t make u one. Even when he had the opportunities he would get out without scoring much.
    Asela: ever since Australia matches he has not been able to perform. Again mainly a batsman as we saw in NZ matches he should not be in the team. Poor SR and consistency
    My team would be
    1. Dickwella
    2. Gunathilaka
    3. Kamidu mendis: good batsman and also with his bowling can be very useful
    4. Upul tharanga: experience, more consistent than others.
    5. Angelo Mathews
    6. Kusal perera: needs a proper batsman @6 and we have done poor in latter part of the inning
    7. Thisara perera: move up the order if SL in good position need bat at least 10 overs
    8. Isuru Udana: need a death bowler we leaking too much runs in the death and can bat a bit
    9. Lakmal/ rajitha/ chameera
    10. Malinga
    11. Sadakan: has to play him since we don’t have good spinners. We just got to hope he will come good as he plays

    Akila: I don’t know how effective he will be after remodeling. But if he is good he can replace sadakan

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