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  • Unlike the composition of most other foreign National teams,one may find many a very promising player such as PNissanka, DasunS, Dananjaya deS, TheekshanaM, PMadushan DMadushanka, who haven’t been picked for U-19 National teams, whereas very ordinary players have always found a place in every U-19 foreign tour, particularly in the era 2000-2015. Nobody knows why G’thilka has been considered a top-order batter.

  • So many average players were allowed to represent the Country mainly by a selector from Panadura, e.g. Thirimanne, Kapugedara, MalindaW’pura,ManojF’do,CharithaBudhikaF, AkilaDhananjaya, Thikshila de Silva, Janith liyanage,….. , list is very long to be mentioned here. Interestingly, almost all these players were from Panadura..

  • 50 Overs & Test Mathews,Chandimal,NipunDhananjaya,NishanMadhushka KAminduMendis should be made permanent members whose skills of surviving and experience are key factors in the longer versions of the Game. In my opinion, the selectors appointed since 2000 were not intelligent enough rather not suitable to do the selections and Players whose consistency is 80% ( i.e, success of 4 out of 5 innings played ) in other words whose 1st Cl Ba Av is around 50 should only be considered for the longer versions of the Game.

    Could somebody in the management explain, why DhanushkaG has been given so many opportunities, despite being an average player both at school & 1stCl Cricket.
    Dropping DG is the best move that could happen to the National team.
    The players that should have been brought straight from YWC team 2010 were Romesh Bhuddhika & Bhanuka Rajapaksha instead, they brought in these average players such as Gunathilake. So many average players were allowed to represent the Country mainl

  • Though one SLan opener is good for all formats the other is good for nothing. He’s a shaky [starts edging-missing& lofting with no control] batsman that finds it difficult to middle & keeps the ball down when it’s badly needed, as a result, he has become a confident booster of opposition bowlers & makes life difficult for the incoming batsmen.

  • I can give several dubious examples of selectors’ jokes. A player known for bowling was brought to open the batting against the touring English Team in 2007. Immediately after taking him as an opening batsman to Australia, the captain then was none other than Mahela & one of the selectors was a man from that particular player’s home town. The funniest part of this selection was his ranking of 150th mark in relation to both averages and aggregate of runs in the Premier Division I ODI Tournament[2005/2006] held immediately before his selection in 2007. Not a single media man or the captain queried about this dubious selection incident. [Stats courtesy Cricketarchives].

  • Parents, teachers and coaches do perform their duties well but the problems lie with the selectors & the team management of late. In those early days, it was always the best schoolboy Cricketers that represented the National Team. It is the best thing to be adopted today as well because those who have performed brilliantly in their entire school career are equivalent to those who have passed their ALs with the highest grades at the end of their school career. This correct method will prevent and block henchmen of selectors from coming into the National side. Last two decades many a henchman [most of them from Panadura] were allowed to represent the Country who were being average players both at school and in 1st Class Cricket. One such player with limited strokes that cannot last 10 overs even on flat tracks, is asked to open batting right now while many brilliant are being asked to sit out.
    I can give several dubious examples of selectors’ jokes. Dilruwan Perera was brought to ope

  • The management that, doesn’t know the importance of giving incentives to youngsters by way of holding Competitive tournaments throughout the year, all-around the Country thus giving required match practice for them to gain confidence should be removed soon. This is the main reason why our women’s team is getting hammered in Pakistan. If not for our school’s Cricket standard our men’s team would be in the same boat as well.
    That is why badly needs an interim committee, which should be appointed soon comprising of past players such as S Skandekumar,Mevan Pieris RanjanMadugalle, SidathWettamuny, RoshanMahanama, MarvanAthapathu,…., if they are available.
    If we are to earn more foreign exchange our competitive cricket tournaments should be increased tenfold. At present, our cricket is confined to the western coastal area schools only. In this post, Dimuth Karunarathna and Dasun Shanaka should be in the middle but not the officials.

  • The selector that employed Dilruwan Perera [unknown as a batsman at the time and never as a dependable batter] as an opening batsman against the touring England team in 2007 and allowed him to tour Australia as a frontline batsman in 2008 when Mahela was the captain and Samaraweera, Roshen, Mathews, Arnold, Muthalip, Chinthaka Jayasinghe .. , they all were in brilliant form at that time of the year. Another dubious incident was the employment of Samaraweera as a bowler in his debut ODI match and sending him to bat as the last man. When he was well known for his batting in became the most Outstanding Schoolboy batsman and the Schoolboy cricketer in both the 1994,1995 seasons. These types of heinous crimes happened when this selector was in charge, not a single media personnel nor an official quarried about these dubious happenings

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