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  • This is not out of the box, thinking rather a tried and rather stupid pseudo strategic analysis.
    Kamindu never really failed and even if he did he was 21 when he played, He is in the team as a batsman, and he is better than what Sahan Aarachci can ever be as a batsman. And we don’t need any bits and pieces bowlers to roll their arms over. Chandimal literally has one of the worst T20i records in the world. He may get a 20 ball 100 in the domestic final but still shouldn’t be anywhere near an international team.
    Nuwan Thushara, Ishan Jayaratne, Lahiru Madushanka are nowhere near international level, Lahiru may get a place as a batting all rounder,

    Finally I am not the biggest fan, but Kalu and Pramodya have won a world cup much more than people like you (and all the so called recent ‘legends and seniors who get laughed off by the whole world) can even dream about.

  • And do what, he played on decent innings in 27 ODIs, doesn’t mean a thing, because if then what? Post the video of Seekuge’s 95 and ask to get him in too.In ODIs Dimuth is as mediocre as it gets, the above comment comparing Dimuth to Gayle is probably the funniest I have ever seen for a while. (He is not even 31 he is 33 and he is LESS experienced that 22 year old Avishka Fernando in white ball cricket)

    In the games they played together all of KJP Avishka and Danushka have outperformed Dimuth by a long long way, so if anyone feels Dimuth would have changed a thing in England that’s just delusion. I mean I am not saying youngsters are world beaters, they are not. But they are the best we’ve got, and its nothing due to age only.

  • Bhanuka is talented but his claims are hilarious given he hasn’t scored a run after the LPL (which he failed too). Not to mention the fitness failures, which whatever we think the coach has put into place, and if a coach isn’t allowed to make their decisions might as well tell facebook pages to coach the team

Viewing 3 comments - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)