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  1. DIMUTH is just 31 he can play for atleast 4 more years .
    world cup is just 2 years ahead.
    even mathews is just 34 and he can play for atleast 2 more years.

    these selectors don’t have common sense and thought these players are too old.
    thisara perera was just 32 when pramodya forced him to retire


  2. I don’t think both Mathews & Dimuth were not considered for the white ball teams because of their ages. Mathews and Dimuth were the seniors who initiated a clear losing battle with the SLC & objecting for their contract terms and the criteria applied. Although they mentioned there was no transparency in their contracts, we all know that the real reason behind was the slashing of their contract sums. I don’t think that pay cuts imposed for both were unreasonable, considering the very poor performance of SL teams (overall) in all 3 formats (after 2015). Therefore the former two captains had to take a major part of the blame, hence deserve the proposed salary reduction. But not realising that, Mathews got hold of his lawyer friend and started a battle with the SLC.
    The worst part of their battle was that they forced all the youngsters to join them. And majority of the youngsters didn’t have a good reason to join the battle as most of them were given quite reasonable offers considering their very little or no experience (internationally).
    Performance & fitness criteria were much needed requirements for the annual contracts. If Mathews (and Dimuth) were objecting for other criteria they should have first signed the contract and made an appeal or discussed the issues with the SLC in a proper way. But Mathews (also Dimuth) being past captains gave an awfully bad example to every youngster in the squad by organizing this battle.

    Now due to this unprofessional behavior of the two past captains it will be a difficult situation for the SLC to include both of them to the white ball teams as it will only result in a major split in the team.

    Even if SL team with the yougsters looses few future matches as cricket fans we should not be disappointed as it will take few more matches for the selectors to pick the right team combination with these younger players.

    I am not at all upset at the way we lost all the matches in England, when I see (today) how the first XI Pakistan (ranked no 6) team is performing so poorly against a totally inexperienced England XI. I think our team (ranked no 9) did better that Pakistan, of course with the England first XI.

  3. And do what, he played on decent innings in 27 ODIs, doesn’t mean a thing, because if then what? Post the video of Seekuge’s 95 and ask to get him in too.In ODIs Dimuth is as mediocre as it gets, the above comment comparing Dimuth to Gayle is probably the funniest I have ever seen for a while. (He is not even 31 he is 33 and he is LESS experienced that 22 year old Avishka Fernando in white ball cricket)

    In the games they played together all of KJP Avishka and Danushka have outperformed Dimuth by a long long way, so if anyone feels Dimuth would have changed a thing in England that’s just delusion. I mean I am not saying youngsters are world beaters, they are not. But they are the best we’ve got, and its nothing due to age only.

  4. Yes I cannot imagine why our cricket fans cannot understand the very simple reason that according to the batting style of Dimuth he is suitable only for test matches. It’s a simple exercise they need to do to understand this. Compare the performances of Dimuth during the last 3 yrs in ODI’s (from Cricinfo Statguru records) with the performances of other current established opening batsmen from SL as well as of other leading countries.

    Please check the following statistics;;orderby=batting_strike_rate;spanmax1=11+Jul+2021;spanmin1=11+Jul+2018;spanval1=span;team=8;template=results;type=batting

    Dimuth has a very low average SR of only 77% when compared with Kusal P (96%), Avishka (97%), Dickwella (97%) & Dhanushka (89%). Even the percentage of runs scored in sixes and boundaries (calculated from number of sixes and fours given in the table) by Dimuth is only 41% and is much below that of Kusal P (50%), Avishka (53%), Dickwella (57% highest) & Dhanushka (52%). Our selectors has done the right thing by not picking Dimuth as an opener in the ODI squad. If he is picked that will only upset the already established team balance.

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