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  • Did Mahela do a favouration to India by choosing to bat first. Both Rohit & Ponting of Mumbai Indians were surprised that Sri Lanka chose to bat first because they knew the ball is doing things under light, do you think Mumbai’s main coach, Mahela didn’t know? Here again Iyer says the same. Surely Mahela did not want to upset his pay masters by beating them in their den.Mahela want Sri Lanka to lose to keep his Mumbai job safe.Mahela has earned his fame & posts because of SL cricket but rather than take a nominal amount for his work he plunders it as a misguided son would do to his parents.

  • If Dasun is playing why not he comes after the third wicket to play a cameo whatever the circumstance the team is in at that time because he can play without pressure as Asalanka & Sadeera still to come in even if he fails then. He should not plan to play a long innings because then he gets out with his poor defence. He comes now as last recognized batter after a collapse which adds further pressure to his poor form.

  • Ideally if the selection committee is smart & brave should drop Shanaka as the captain. On what evidence do they keep him where he has been failing in all games he played at home & abroad in recent time. Now most likely Chameera is out injured. If brave make Hasaranga the captain or conservatively Dimuth, the captain. At least for the Asia cup as a trial. Wanidu is in form & looks good captaincy material. Even other teams will take him with a guard knowing his strength. Asalanka too looks out of form so may fit in Avishka in his place. Pathum Dimuth Mendis KJP Avishka Sadeera DDS Wanidu (Cap) Theekshana Madushanka Kumara. Reserve : Pathirana Asalanka Archchige Pramod Madushan.

  • The heavy loss is really a cause for concern. To lose to a team like Afgans four times in succession tells a story that the under 19 camp is not working. And lost to BD too . Next year the WC is going to be held here. Therefore immediate action is necessary. We need to revamp the whole under 19 set up changing from the coach & captain . More mature experienced coach should be appointed. The current captain is a gifted player but does not look a good captain. Wake UP SLC ,don’t wait until the horse bolts!

  • How come Dickwella survived so long in spite of his dismal performance . There has to be more than strong support behind Dick. There could be several guesses but Born Again Sangha’s long hand cannot be dismissed. Sangha brought Born again Hathura in to our system under guise. Dickwella being in the similar cult & coming from the same school are more than simple reasons why Sangha through his erstwhile buddy Mahela who controls Promodaya gives the linear link.

  • @MW, you are absolutely right! Evidence is ‘inconclusive’ itself implies born again influence is there.No committee would be foolish enough to make social disorder if come out categorically to say it in the report.True, immediate actions should be to remove,Sangha,Mahela Kalpage ,Jerome Jayaratna who are appointed members.How slanderous Mahela behaviour of such riches & reputation opening his restaurant during our tour.What a cheeky fella? No surprise,he chose to be born again! I read somewhere using Burgher girls as prey to incite Buddhist players,Mahela, Bhanuka, Pathum etc.Sanga’s fatherin law a pastor, so no surprise .Now the lid opened bare, these individuals should not anymore be our go to men in future.Let them enjoy their loot as they wish boiling live crabs all over.That should be a reason why these two turned to be born again to enjoy’happily’boiling live crabs!God has created these creatures for our enjoyment, surely was Pastor Jerome’ answer to make these two happy &

  • There is a serious cult in the SLC.They have become so bold now to come openly to tell us the ‘might’ of their God who would decide we win a Cup or not.So fall in line they say.I could not believe my eyes Yeheli telling Sangha grovel on the floor pleading the God.Sangha’s reputation vanished to thing air in a second! Until an interim committee is brought in, the current selection committee should be sacked immediately & replaced with a strict chairman & without christians.Asantha Mel, Labrooys,Johns, Kaluwitharanas Kalpages etc all seem to be responsible.

  • Even what Mahela, with such world fame, did was very unprofessional.He should be a millionaire but chose ashamedly to open his crabs while engaged with tour duty.Is he so poor to stay a few days before or after the tour there on his expense to open it ? Come on Mahela, so stingy?Leaving aside Arjuna’s whatever personal vendettas he has with the SLC, he should bring strick rules to good governance & discipline to SLC & the players.SLC does the cunning thing to dish out its cash to covid/hospitals/govt funds or open grounds in Ministers’ electrorates to escape its corruption.Did n’t they start some cricket function recently from Polonnaruwa! Why Polonnaruwa? What a joke! These crooks should be kicked out sooner than later with an interim committee.SLC will threaten ICC will suspend us to get our fear out so that they can rule ever.Suspended or not ,get the crooks out Arjuna.

  • We don’t like Arjuna as a politician.However the facts he brings out here is quite right.How come Dasun was engaged in Business Ads? A shame, the national captain! Then how can he control the rest.I think Dasun should be stripped of his captaincy as an example to others however much good he is as a captain.So many parties & extravaganzas unbelieavable.Was the purpose of the tour for fun?Discipline has gone through the roof clearly.Vandersay,Mendis,Dickwella,Bhanuka ,a bunch for fun & frolics.So the results understood.In Australia unlike Dubai, girls & booze freely available,so contrasting results naturally.LPL /T20 league notoriouly breeding betting,girls,& booze.What happens to bevy of white girls coming to dance? Ending up in officials’ & players’ rooms surely.We want a LPL after a clean out.This is good time for that bec no Namal, the SLC crooks can run to for survival.Jerome J & born again clan have a grip on Nama.No Dayasiri too.Best time to clean up
    for the Minister & Arjun

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