Did cult group ‘Born Again’s influence lead to Sri Lanka’s WT20 debacle? SLC panel finds evidence “inconclusive”

A five-member Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) panel did not find any conclusive evidence to suggest that the dismal performance of its national team in the T20 World Cup in Australia had to do with the selection process being hugely influenced by the cult group ‘Born Again’. In its ruling, the SLC panel has said that it is “not possible to determine” that the influence of the cult had impacted the team’s performance, “as certain players, for fear of their future careers, refrained from giving evidence on the cult’s influence”.

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  1. Look at some members of this born again clique holding powerful positions in our cricket.Sangha,Mahela,Ashley,Mohan,Ravin,Samantha Dodanwela,Jerome Jayaratna ,Kalpage,Kaluwitharanaetc.Even president Shammi is born again sympathizer because his wife & all children are born again. Some of them would try to tell they are Christians/Catholics only but you can understand they are giving all hidden support to this cult for obvious reasons keeping a blind eye.This is just the tip.This committee is not powerful enough to dig deep.Ashley Silva was criticized as the worst CEO in the country but how he is still there?Our long standing cultural Pirith ceremony was stopped .The most notorious man should be Jerome Jayaratna because he holds a lot of power through Namal. Immediate actions should be taken to replace this board & remove Sanga,Mahela ,Kalpage & Jerome Jayaratna. Of course the white ICC too will support the born again clan, so we have to fight it out.

  2. @MW, you are absolutely right! Evidence is ‘inconclusive’ itself implies born again influence is there.No committee would be foolish enough to make social disorder if come out categorically to say it in the report.True, immediate actions should be to remove,Sangha,Mahela Kalpage ,Jerome Jayaratna who are appointed members.How slanderous Mahela behaviour of such riches & reputation opening his restaurant during our tour.What a cheeky fella? No surprise,he chose to be born again! I read somewhere using Burgher girls as prey to incite Buddhist players,Mahela, Bhanuka, Pathum etc.Sanga’s fatherin law a pastor, so no surprise .Now the lid opened bare, these individuals should not anymore be our go to men in future.Let them enjoy their loot as they wish boiling live crabs all over.That should be a reason why these two turned to be born again to enjoy’happily’boiling live crabs!God has created these creatures for our enjoyment, surely was Pastor Jerome’ answer to make these two happy &