India ‘got lucky’ with Sri Lanka’s decision to field, says Iyer

Sri Lanka’s decision to field in sweltering conditions in Mumbai during their World Cup match on Thursday surprised many and India batsman Shreyas Iyer felt that the hosts got lucky.

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  1. Did Mahela do a favouration to India by choosing to bat first. Both Rohit & Ponting of Mumbai Indians were surprised that Sri Lanka chose to bat first because they knew the ball is doing things under light, do you think Mumbai’s main coach, Mahela didn’t know? Here again Iyer says the same. Surely Mahela did not want to upset his pay masters by beating them in their den.Mahela want Sri Lanka to lose to keep his Mumbai job safe.Mahela has earned his fame & posts because of SL cricket but rather than take a nominal amount for his work he plunders it as a misguided son would do to his parents.