How to play Imran Tahir?

It’s not a magic. Other teams like India,Pakistan or England knows how to attack him. Our team does not have any clue against him. No plans against him. It was clealry shown once again yesterday in that super over. Most of the poeple knew it is going to be Tahir ,bowling the super over.

If was the captain , i would never send thisara and avishka to open the innings. Thisara is a foolish one shot player. Same can be said about avishka. Both of them have sloging towards mid wickets. They do not have any other options. No reverse sweeps. No dancing down the track and lofted drives.

Kusal mendis , angelo perera or dickwella should have been better against Tahir. 15 runs to win in super over means you need 2 sixes to be scored. Right handed batter like Avishka can not hit him slog sweep to mid wicket area.

Ok lets analyse Tahir ,he comes to ball from running from far away to the left side of the bowling crease and has around 4 or 5 variations. Quicker bowl, flighted leg break ,googly, straight flatter delivery and a normal length leg break.

What kind of shots you can play ? Hitting just singles of every bowl of him will give you only 6 runs. Now he only plays 20 and 50 overs. He doesn’t play test matches. If he played test serious too, then our batters would had been more familiar of his bowling.

For that flighted leg break you need to take it fool and hit straight over his head. We need to watch footage of other teams scoring boundaries against him. What kind of shots you can play for his googlies ? Just play that bowls like a off spiner. Why he running in angle from the left side? It will give him the advantage bowl more googlies.

How you going to play sisex to his quick flatter deliveries ? Just hit him like a medium low bounced pacer for that kind of bowls. You need to have a plan against him. Otherwise you can not beat south africa. Every batter should have a plan against him.

Play him safe won’t win you matches. You have to find ways to attack him from the bowl one. Just brutally atack him. That is the intention you should have. Don’t try to  him premeditately. First see the ball guess the flight, look the direction and find the direction it comes to you. Look at the field he has set before he bowls. Target areas you going to hit him.

If its flighted you have to reach to the pitch of the bowl. If it is a flatter delivery then use the speed of the bowl and hit behind wicket. May be reverse sweep ,late cut or paddle sweep. Inside out is also a good option against the normal leg spinners. For googlies play him towards the mid wicket with glory slogs.

It is not difficult task. Just prepare mentally. Watch how india played him ,how in IPL batters hit sixes against him or in other leagues. Atttack him. Make him upset with movements with legs befote he bowls so that he needs to adjustments to his bowling at the last moment of his deliveries. So he continously has to change his original bowling plans according to your batting chances.

You need work him out. You have to break his rythem. He never bowls two consecutive similar deliveries. His six deliveries will be six variations. So batsmens must have plans to his every variations. He should have six attacking shots for any varied bowl he is going to bowl at you in next delivery.

Dot bowls will give him more confidence and make the batsmen fall into his traps. If you break his rythem he will be mentally exhaulted as well. Thisara perera does not have a cricketing brains like dhoni, buttler,miller,de cock or kholi. His bowling is better than batting when it comes to tricks.

Tahir skills make him easier because he has quality fast bowlers in his side like steiyn ,rabada,ngidi. Anyhow hope our batters come up with a plan in next two matches.

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