Sri Lanka Squad For New Zealand Test Series 2019


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  1. Harin Fernando is doing what he does best .Trying to be da man .Can someone please put a bib on that kid and a sucker in his mouth and keep the him in a corner ? Immaturity at its best from a sports minister …

    We all saw the turmoil ammatasiri dayasiri caused with Mali .And now this guy is trying to be da man .

    Just sick of this shit .The players are good .Its the administrators that need to change .A change is required with the brains in administration .

    Yes Hathurusingha sucked .But it is the SLC themselves who appointed him and gave him that increased salary .And to kick him out on the eve of a big test series ? Now that’s what SLC does best .

    These guys are beaming all over their face that they sacked Hathurusignha .But who’s the next coach ? What fools they are. Every top coach is reluctant to take over our team now and doing this just worsens things .Trust me , WE WILL be stuck with an interim coach for at least a year. And then that’s one year of WC preparation down the drain. Harin fernando will be gone. And then we’ll have another dumb short sighted sports minister .And then at max we will only get another shitty coach for the next year or so , then he’ll be kicked out and then we’ll have a new coach for the next WC .Its a vicious cycle that needs to stop. !!

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