Players are not machines: Arthur

SHARJAH: The head coach of Pakistan Cricket team, Mickey Arthur has defended the decision to rest a few seasoned Pakistan players during the 5-match ODI series against Australia, starting from March 22nd.

“We have been on the road since the second week of September and players are not machines. It will be good to rest them instead of increasing the risk of injuries before the World Cup”, Mickey Arthur 

“Our (Pakistan’s) World Cup squad is more or less settled however just a final shape will be given after the Australia series. This series is a great opportunity to test our bench as well”, Arthur added

The head coach also spelled his favourite four teams in the World Cup.

“I will go with my heart and mind. India, England, South Africa and Pakistan are my favourite outfits for the semi final clashes”, Arthur concluded 


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  1. Not really sure why this article is appearing in a site dedicated to Srilankan Cricket? One article is bad enough but looks like there is a pattern developing here. Please don’t take me wrong I love the Pakistan cricket side, who can win in England because of the variety of players they have. I am not sure if any other dedicated Cricket sites would allow someone posting articles about another national team If there is no relevance to the country.
    Please don’t take my comments personally. I am just asking the admin of this site that if we allow posts about other national sides we are opening up to a can of worms.

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