Sri Lanka Crickets 2023 Conclusion

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Sri Lanka Crickets 2023 Conclusion

by Shazeen Ifamy 

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This article will serve as a brief review of the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup Qualifier in Zimbabwe 2023, Asia Cup 2023, ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 in India, and a brief review of Sri Lanka Crickets 2023

Sri Lankas tough road to the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 in India started in ideal fashion as they won the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup Qualifier in Zimbabwe 2023. As a result of this, Sri Lanka booked their spot in the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 and most importantly boosted their confidence as they were unbeaten in the tournament. Moreover, this winning streak continued into the Asia Cup 2023 in which Sri Lanka made the finals increasing their confidence as a cricketing nation in a difficult 2023. However, making the finals was the last piece of joy the team and its fans would get as in the finals, Sri Lanka were bowled out for 50 odd runs by India and lost the final heavily without putting up a fight. As a result, the defeat meant that Sri Lanka entered the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 in India with low confidence and it showed as in their opening match they went down to South Africa who posted a record ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup total against the island nation. The defeat was followed by another two defeats before Sri Lanka finally got their first win of the tournament defeating the Netherlands followed by an impressive win against England. However, these two wins would be Sri Lankas last for the tournament as they went on to lose all their remaining games including another heavy defeat to India. 

A poor performance in the tournament summed up Sri Lankas 2023 as it was an incredibly difficulty year for the island nations. Throughout the year, Sri Lanka only won one series which was the two-test series against Ireland and one tournament which was the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup Qualifier in Zimbabwe 2023. Apart from these wins, Sri Lanka had moments of impressive performances throughout the year such as their Asia Cup win against Pakistan and World Cup win against England. Asides from this, Sri Lanka didn’t have much to celebrate in 2023 as they lost their tours of India and New Zealand along with a home test series defeat to Pakistan. However, despite losing these series, Sri Lanka did put up fights as parts of the series, most notably against New Zealand in New Zealand.

All in all, Sri Lankas 2023 saw them lose more matches than wins on the field and had many external issues off the field as well. As a result, Sri Lanka end 2023 on a negative note with a lot to prove in 2024. In conclusion, Sri Lanka had a horrible 2023 both on and off the field and will be hoping to correct these in 2024 in which Sri Lanka have a packed schedule of cricket.

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