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  • waste of money , do we need
    waste of money , do we need another day-night venues at the moment as we have 3 day-night venues. they say that Sri Lanka Cricket remains mired in stadium debt of over USD $20 million and new administration suspended the construction work of important development projects(indoor nets/ / swimming pool)sighting financial problems.

    U23 players are currently playing the U23 premier tournament without any payments. here SLC again planing to spend money on stadium upgrade.

    sumathipala built dabulla stadium in 2002 . hence he want it to function as a day night venue.i dont think that they have a broad vision to develop cricket as sumathipala administration just wasting money to fulfill their personal agendas.

  • spot on N.m.m , inspirational
    spot on N.m.m , inspirational captain or player can change things , we are missing that inspiration since the retirement of sanga/mahela duo. SL won matches ,even when sanga and mahela were not performing with the bat . we need that passion , hunger for win again .

  • very good article ,
    very good article ,

    solutions that you have suggested must be seen by our cricket board and sport minister.these are the core problems that need be addressed immediately.

    first class system is a major problem .on the other hand , cricket has changed a lot with the invention of T20 . but SL cricket doesn’t organize a proper t20 tournament annually . that’s a major issue as every other test playing country organize a high class t20 tournament and give opportunities to their young players to play in an intense match environment under the guidance of high class inter. players and coaches

    voting system must be changed as pay back politics of the board members has been the main reason behind gross mismanagement and the abuse of funds

  • these are real reasons behind
    these are real reasons behind the downfall of srilanka cricket .we are not making investments . lot of upcoming cricketers have given up their hopes because there are no payments at all .young cricketers sacrifice their higher education , and put lot of effort to play cricket . playing professional cricket is’t easy as you see on the tv . players should spend hours in gyms,indoor nets etc . on the other hand , one injury can ruin the whole carrier.

    how can a young cricketer survive without money ,
    SLC can’t play 1500.00 for a player , but they wasted millions to organize a useless function just prior to the T20 world cup. they spent millions to visit london with their families .

    these administrators are prominent businessmens in this country and owners of private hospitals and news papers . but these shameless “mulalalis ” dont use their own my to trips .

    at the end of the day young players have no option other than giving up their hopes
    sad , very sad indeed

  • roshan abesinghe , he is the
    roshan abesinghe , he is the president of ragama cricket club and did vote for thilanga sumathipala faction in the SLC election . so he is an powerful man in SLC board . if you look at his twitter account you would see that he promotes his own club players very unfairly . he launched a mud slinging campaign against malinga ,during the asia cup as thirimana was’t selected to asia cup t20 tournament under the malinga’s captaincy . during his commentary,he endorses his favorite players despite their failures. hence it’s very cleat that thilanga’s payback politics is’t good for the future of srilanka cricket , but it’s very good for someone like roshan abesinghe to execute his narrow agendas .

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