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    Interestingly the t20 format has changed , PAR score has becomes 150 above, but we don’t have the fire power or a finisher who could do that job at the end . Batting in the middle over , rotating the strike from 7-15 over has been very poor with very many dot balls which you cannot do that in a short format, what’s been sad is our cricketers in our own backyard can’t play spin very well or have played spinners very well in-general.
    Which again will come in to question is it the domestic cricket quality of the spinners is it down fault that current players not able to playe spin well, considering the past crickets were good players of spin bowling .

    So much fitness test is carried out these days but are these boys have strength to hit the sixes considering, the Sanath , De Silva , Arjuna , Mahela, Sangakkara they hit those sixes at will when the spinners were operating . It is sad to see how the current generation is failing as if we haven’t got a clue to play spin.

  • Grant flower has he been able to communicate with the Sri Lankan players?? , with all due respect to Sri Lankan players are they able to understand what’s he’s trying to communicate, or he haven’t done anything much on the players. Players not bothered to listen to him or is he just in the team just because Sri Lankan cricket board like the fact that they have a foreign batting coach .

    Yes, there is a lot of batting coach available in the country to do this job and be able to communicate to younger cricketers who will benefit from the local batting coach .

    I really don’t think that if he hasn’t played a t20 game that’s the reason our players aren’t able to bat well. If it’s a test match or a t20 game batting is batting apart from tactics how you would approach a game . A coach can only coach you the certain things and then it’s the player who adapts the game according to strengths and game plan.

  • Buanuka Rajapaksa has been real disappointment this series, was he’s injury he sustained to he’s finger put him out form, against Indians he looked to be in decent form, but in this series he just looks like he can’t break free, what’s disappointing is none of the deliveries were wicket taking deliveries you could say he was unlucky.
    Apart from the bouncer he received from Rabada in the second ODI but at international level he could have played it better.
    Hope he comes good, if he will be selected for WCT20 he needs to come good for Sri Lanka.

    As I aware Bhanuka never batted this high he’s always had been No-5 or No -6 I highly doubt that he will get that position as Charith and Dasun have taken that position .

    Probably the selectors may stick with for WCT20 if we doesn’t come good that’s probably end of he’s international career .

  • As Sri Lanka the main issue we face is that is the middle order for a T20 game . We don’t have the players who can match the rest of the international teams who can clear the boundaries in the middle over or at the end of a T20 game .
    There has been so many good start in the past but we never been able to finish better to get better totals .
    T20 games have fastened up with 160runs has become average if you going to win a T20 game .In the middle overs we only have luxury Dasun Shanka who can clear the boundary he’s clearly out of form isn’t your he’s captaincy is the reason , but at the moment he’s the go to man , unless Charith Aslanaka will be someone who will be looked upon as the next captain for Sri Lanka .
    Chamika Karunatne if he works on he’s strike rotation he will become good all rounder , no doubt he got the power to clear boundaries, but he needs to learn to rotate strike as he got very hard hands if he able to work it out will serve Sri Lankan cricket very well .

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