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  • Cheers for the comment.
    Cheers for the comment. Always enjoy some good feedback. Let me see if I can address your points.

    re: First of all what you need to understand is as Sri Lanka cricket nobody state that we lost due to a conspiracy..

    The general feeling on social media and within the ranks was that a huge injustice had been done. I was making a point to show that we should not hide behind those remarks and mask what really happened in the Test series. Because that helps no one.

    Jarrod Kimber is Australian.

    I don’t think expressing my opinion on a cricket match lets my country down in anyway. But ok.

    re: It’s not the first time we lost and not the first time England won, England have been exceptionally well in home condition for past 2-3 years
    Suggest you read my article after the 1st Test where all this was highlighted.

    I also said that losing at Headingley was quite understandable

    re:Yes you can criticize Mathews Captaincy..
    Yes not many options on the captaincy front. We just need Mathews to be better. Not much proof to suggest he will though, sadly.

    re: Before you say “Chandimal did little else..
    Yes I believe I did look into all those stats. If Chandimal is to bat at 4. He should not keep. But in my opinion certain players prefer a particular batting position. And Chandimal seems like no6 as does well there. I personally also think he should be in the top4. That’s why I said he showed little evidence here to suggest he should go there. Which is disappointing. I would like for him to give the gloves because it’s just not working. This should then give him the chance to move up the order.

    re: Also, when you say “Opening two continue to grow as an opening pair”
    I completely disagree with this point. In the first 3 innings our entire batting failed. The reason for our success last time in England were these 2 blunting the ball as you say. We have not had a stable opening pair for a long long time. And these two just now establishing themselves. It’s difficult to compare our openers with other countries because most of these guys learn to play the moving ball once they get to international level. So it takes a wee while. I am not thrilled with the progress but it’s a working combo in my view. And changing it now would be a mistake. The numbers might not back me up. But the more they play together the better they will get.

    re:Also, in my opinion- I think Kusal Mendis is more suited to play as an opener with his aggression and raw talent
    Are you talking about Tests? Or LOI cricket? Maybe in the future he could open in LOI’s. I don’t know. But I think he’s fine at No3 in Tests. An attacking No3 is very rare. Think Ponting and not Sangakkara. Long ways to go. I would give him all our tours until end of next year at 3 unless he fails catastrophically

    re:Anyway, All in all, another poor article !
    Can’t please everyone. But thanks a lot of reading and dissecting. I appreciate it.

  • I edited this blog entry.
    I edited this blog entry. Hopefully it’s ok now.

    Maybe I should hire you as my editor ? 🙂 To keep in line with current SLC policies, I won’t pay you. Or rather can’t cuz I’m broke.

    Feel free to let me know of any mistakes in future posts mate. Cheers.

  • Hey mate,
    Ya true. I guess

    Hey mate,

    Ya true. I guess the one good thing with the SLPL is that is short unlike the IPL which drags on for 6 weeks.

    Someone who makes the final will play I think 6 group games 1 SF and Final

    So 8 games in total – which is roughly say 4 hrs a game 32 hours of total cricket. Of course that doesnt include training etc..

    Imagine if we had played the full India tour which was for 3 tests as well. I think that might have hurt more than playing the SLPL.

    Hopefully our guys can keep going and being at home infront of home crowds can spur them on. Thats my hope anyway.

  • Marcian – well however way
    Marcian – well however way you look at it intertional calendars are packed. Pls don’t get me wrong I am certain you know me well enough to know that I want the best possible talent of SL to be at the full tilt for SL duties – the guys do get a big break after the t20 WC from memory.

    18 days are quite a bit in this day and age that is close to 3 weeks. Should they get more rest – absolutely- I think we pushed them to the brink when we played the absolutely toss Asia cup. Hopefully with all this being at home and family and friends close by it can offer them some relief.

    Do SL cricket absolutely need the SLPL – probably not

    Is it a necessary evil – I think so. Financially more than anything else IMO.

    I am not a promoter of the SLC either but that is the point – hoping against all hope that this works and does well because no matter how anti anyone might be. Its something that needs to work for SL cricket to get out of this hole IMO.

    Read this

    Wrote that a while ago before all the recent changes but I think the general idea I present their still holds true from my point of view.


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