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  • As far as i know he is by far
    As far as i know he is by far one of the best coaches in uae . And everyone regards him highly and infact they regard him as the best coach in uae and he will go to any length for in and argue with the admin to have the best result.
    Any one trying to blast hatu without even meeting him is bullshit….


    Hi everyone will let me be honest the board did not cancell because off the pakistanis actually there is a huge rift and fights going on after the selection as 1 day before i decided to pull out of the whole tour just because of the way they were treating my uae nationals in the long 1 month selection . Therefore they have recieved so much critisicm as the board has picked to there own team where the selectors have not entered one day to practice then the argument was how would you select the squad with out even coming to see the player and the coac is a knew one therefore he has no idea of the cricket in uae.  If the pakistanis where in danger then why would oman national team be in pakistan.

    This is the link of our own team captain a day after the selection .


Viewing 4 comments - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)