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  • All I can say is Sri Lankans
    All I can say is Sri Lankans in general are ungrateful.

    This type of ceremony would not have come into existence without the sweat of Sanath. From 2000 to 2003 SL Cricket was running on literally Sanath’s shoulders.

    Puswedilla’s act was unacceptable in two ways. First it was a personal attack that had nothing to do with Sanath’s performance or contribution as a player. It was a scathing personal attack on him which actually makes the people who did it and laughed at it put at a lower level than Sanath himself.

    Comedians have the freedom to make satirical acts on life-styles on celebrities but on ethical grounds not even a US comedian would do it in a ceremony like this in front of that celebrity unless its a Celebrity Roast, which are also generally not sarcastic.

    Comment on the ‘Pass coming out’ is the most disgraceful. You got to be really low to laugh at some one’s difficulty. Funny thing is all international commentators highly value Sanath’s match analysis except our own fools who has no idea on real test cricket.

    Also open your eyes people no satire was on Nishantha Ranathunga who is the Satan, Judas of Sri Lanka cricket, I wonder why?

Viewing 3 comments - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)