New team names and logos for SLPL

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Updated names & logos of franchises.


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  1. wtf why bansahira has indian
    wtf why bansahira has indian colors? & whatz Dundee means? King Rudra Riding the Horse??? seriously get a life SLPL .. can’t you guys use proper sinhala or English names? not supporting SLPL until this indian thing change

  2. @kushan1987 yeh dats pretty
    @kushan1987 yeh dats pretty disappointing dude. dundee actually means some Scottish village. its because basnahira was bought by ‘Indian Crickt Dundee'(its like indian ‘barmy army’ kinda thing).
    Anyway i was kinda expecting this sorta thing when i heard ALL franchises were bought by INDIAN companies.
    For a country which boasts patriotism its sad to see not one SL company wanted to buy at least one franchise 😀

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