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you cant judge anyone from a single match

Posted in: Which player impressed you the most in today's T20 match by cricexp on Friday, July 31, 2015 - 03:31. Reply to this comment.

'HAMADA' the man behind Kapugedara's comeback! This guy HAMADA should definitely be a selector..

Posted in: Malinga delivers harsh self-assessment by Anonymous (not verified) on Friday, July 31, 2015 - 02:29. Reply to this comment.

I don't know why this selection team giving more chances to malinga. He is a idiot,fullish player.And more joke one is selection committee give him a captain in T20. He never contribute to won a match last year for SL. But he was doing well in IPL every times
REMOVE him for SL cricket. There are so many players have more tallent than him. LIke MAHAROOF, LOKUHETTIGE
And DILSHAN also not playing as he was in early years. Now this is the time for retirement. Give more chances to MUNAWEERA, GUNATHILAKA, SHEHAN JAYASURIYA.
Replays malinga, dilshan and add shehan and kulasekara for 2nd
T20 against pakistan.
If we balling first and when comes to batting second don't use kusal for opening batsman.Because he was doing wicket keeping in 1 and half hours. He need to bat 1st down or 2nd down. OPEN with SHEHAN AND VITHANAGE IS THE GOOD CHOISE.But batting first KUSAL can come for opening with SHEHAN.
And don't use mathewa for very early.KAPUGEDARA need to bat earlier than mathews.
USE most of the slow bowllers middle of the innings. Like kapugedera,siriwardena.(Tell them to ball slow as possible.)

Posted in: Malinga delivers harsh self-assessment by Hamada on Friday, July 31, 2015 - 01:18. Reply to this comment.

He proved that he belongs to a different class yesterday.

Posted in: Chamara Kapugedera 31 (16) vs Pakistan, Colombo, 2015 by Bubble (not verified) on Thursday, July 30, 2015 - 23:35. Reply to this comment.

I am happy that all the new players played well for their 1st ODI game. I feel we should drop Tisara and Kitruwan and bring in Nuwan and Jayasuriya for the next game.... Batting order needs to be change.

All the best Malinga... we all know what you can deliver when it matters....

Posted in: Malinga delivers harsh self-assessment by Dew (not verified) on Thursday, July 30, 2015 - 23:04. Reply to this comment.

If the board dance according to the tune of non performer like arrogant foolish MALINGA That is the end of T20 reputation which we have been holding for a long time, and also now it is enough of keeping this non performer in any format of srilankan sricket. kick this non performer out of Srilankan cricket and bring new fast bowlers who can't get into the team because this Tennis Ball non performer is included in the team for his previous wicket taking ability. if u believe or not now this guys ability is gone, he is not even suitable get a place in the A Team.

Posted in: We're experimenting with players for the T20 World Cup – Malinga by sam jay (not verified) on Thursday, July 30, 2015 - 19:39. Reply to this comment.

Thanks anonymous. Insight in to the classification of fast bowling. Thanks

Posted in: Were you impressed with Binura Fernando on his much-anticipated debut? by Anonymous (not verified) on Thursday, July 30, 2015 - 18:36. Reply to this comment.

Marvan doesn't have the coaching capabilities. He was a technically a sound player but doesn't have the ability to coach. It took him few goes before he made his first run in test cricket. If we go by that we have to keep him as a coach for next five years. In the meantime we would be the lowest ranked test and one day team in the world. I am sure Zimbabwe would be happy about that.

His ability as a coach has been proven without any doubts.He is basket case proving not all good players cant be good coaches. But I think he is not a great player either. Just above average in my books.
I like to know how long we as a cricket playing nation has to suffer until SLC wakes up to the fact ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and give him the marching order.

Posted in: Should Atapattu be sacked as coach? by Anonymous (not verified) on Thursday, July 30, 2015 - 18:21. Reply to this comment.

I think many of us believe Marvan should have been sacked after world cup. Moreover we know how Marvan got the job. And his involvement in sacking of Marsh. It's very clear he can't coach. The first thing SLC should have done to get rid of this Muppet. But I do know they are hamstrung due to financial crisis left by the past administration under DS De Silva.

It's clear he doesn't get the players to play out of their comfort zone and strive for more. We only lost two batsmen but the bowling attack is still the same but the results are humiliating,why? Because we have a coach who can't cut it.

Before our team becomes a joke they should get rid of this joker.

Posted in: Should Atapattu be sacked as coach? by Anonymous (not verified) on Thursday, July 30, 2015 - 18:10. Reply to this comment.

It doesn't matter whether it's international or local. Why put something which happened in 1997? I am sure there must a millions of sites dedicated to him? It's not current so it's irrelevant. I know Indians love to bask in past glory.

Posted in: Sachin Tendulkar 45 (33) vs South Africa, 1997 by Anonymous (not verified) on Thursday, July 30, 2015 - 17:55. Reply to this comment.