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Mahela is not thinking of the bigger picture to keep the game moving forward.
If you don't try these thing how will you know. Look at crowds at SL Tests...people aren't really flocking through the gates to watch.

I'm glad Australia and NZ had the guts to give the experiment a try for benefit of all...Shame when SLC was offered by PCB some time back it was turned down. At the time SLC stated players had not had sufficient time to practice under those conditions...given Mahela's comments and him being a senior member of team at time you can probably put two and two together and see who really resisted.

No different to Indians seniors pushing their board to reject DRS.

Both instances were a novelty for all teams and if you have fixed dates for when something new is to be applied/implemented you discuss and plan, and then practice best as you can.

Yes factors like dew in certain parts of the world would be an issue, but in places like UAE spectators/players could escape the heat and enjoy attending in evening.

I think too much focus is on the colour of the ball. Forgetting cricket is already played under lights albeit in other formats. Ultimately white would be perfect colour of ball for such a d/n games in any format.

Mahela in numerous interviews keeps harping on about keeping traditions of the game, which is ironic when majority of SL is fixed on shorter formats.
Shame none of the interviewers ask Mahela follow-up questions like if he'd like to revert to 8 ball overs, uncovered pitches, timeless tests, back-foot no-balls etc to keep these traditions that he goes on about!

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Most people will think on similar lines, but that's the beauty of this game, its full of surprises/uncertainties even when its being discussed.

I am happy I could provide something new to you:)

Thanks for sharing your feedback!

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I completely agree with Anonymous #2 comment . it's absolutely pathetic to see the way selectors treating thiri & chandi with different spoons in T20's . thiri has proven soo many times that he is a much better player than chandi in T20Is. in fact to make it more embarrassing for the selectors who dropped him & the fans who oppose thiri in T20s he has proven it in his last game as well he is capable of guiding the team to a winning position in T20s .

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Stormy, remember that this is Sri Lanka, a land like no other.

In this land, retreads supported by a phalanx of fart catchers, bum boys, and sycophants, return to power again and again. There are too many vested interests for anything different to take place in the elections for the Cricket hierarchy.

Why would anyone of us believe that the failures of the past will suddenly be rejuvenated and perform in the interests of the country, rather than their own? The coterie seeking power do not want change. The status quo is fine with them. They will spout mouthfuls of baffle gab and doublespeak and look after their own interests. T'was ever thus.

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These matches should be held in hambantota cuz this series will give you alot of momey and it is not a home series so it would be great to have it im hamba... otherwise no point having those stadiums... and also simce indiams r total cricket fans they would travel all the way to hambantota... and if they plan on having day games they should have it in dambulla... premadasa anx pallekele should be given a rest :P

Let them feel the heat at hamba amd rangiri dam...

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For sure, Sri Lanka will never defend theT 20 world cup. I don't agree with the inclusion of Chandimal in the T20 squad. See his T20 performances. He has played 29 matches averaging 14. ( strike rate 100, run a ball). Only two good innings he has played. Don't we have better players than this player. We certainly have better players. Never try to justify him saying that he is an experienced player. That may be the reason Malinga does not want him. Credit to Malinga. The other thing that surprised me is the inclusion of Kapugedara in 50 ever game. He never scored even a half century against new Zealand A. They lost all the matches. Even before the tour, I told that we are going to lose the series because they left out good reliable players such as Anjelo Perera and Roshen Silva. I think these two players are more reliable than some of the players selected. These two are maintaining a better average always at domestic level.

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the result between winning the next world cup and coming back home early will be depending on our fielding .

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lol let the Rex & kapu love story begins, again :P

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Rex has done it again. He is the only person who has the balls to write something like this. Say it as how he saw. I couldn't understand the reason why on earth Dilruwan is in the squad. Furthermore it would have been better off if they selected a left arm paceman and an extra batsman as a cover. Either Ashan Silva or Angelo Perera into the squad. They both deserve the place. I still don't believe Ajanta Mendis deserve a place in the one day squad. I think it's high time they gave either Lakshan Sandakan or even Akila Dhanajaya a go in the one day squad.

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I completely agree with Stormy. Compared to previous squads this is far better with the only major question mark being three spinners. Quite excited for the upcoming tour, not necessarily because we can win but to see new talent on display. Also now that silva and thiri are gone hopefully we bat at a much better rate, perhaps it might be a positive influence on karunaratne and push him to make some good scores.

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