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He has made comments about SLC not paying local coaches well and how they are happy to pay foreign coaches. We can expect more rumors about Murali now. Coaching in cricket is a profession. There is no need to be emotional about it. Many coaches have worked for overseas teams. SLC could have hired him if they wanted to. The funny thing is Australians value his expertise more.

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He will be a champion

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Delan82 I just realized this is called murali warne cup lol. To honor two legends. Ironic in that regard to see murali helping opponent to win trophy named after him ...

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@delan82, Silly what you say, whether it is Sumathipala's first or tenth chairmanship or whether it is 'ugly' as you say' remonstration by Arjuna would not matter to us. What has happened he was kicked out as a chucker by the Aussies , he refused to go to Australia for a tour because of shame and fear, he was greeted with rotten eggs, what more humiliation any other player on earth has received in the cricket world. But SL stood by him in the form of Sumathipala or 'ugly' Arjuna, no man with a scrap of gratitude, would support these sort of opponents to plan against your country who fought tooth & nail for you. This is not as for any other cricketer, he is 'rottenly' special. Nissantha R. went against the Aussie PM Howard for his appointment to the ICC taking a great risk to our country. You coming in a peudo name we can gauge who u are. See what this blogger says & the media points out about Murali's relationship with Sara stadium, he did it. Did he deny it publicly, if he is innocent.(Not only him Mathisivam is a partner to the crime). And to top it up this is for HIS trophy ,SL is fighting. What madness. Only in SL this can happen. Don't try to whitewash the soot.

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Iorny between Mathews and the politicians is they talk something and does a completely different thing.

Before the England tour too he talked about being fearless and positive then we all witnessed that fearlessness.

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I agree with u Great Bat!.. And u too Aster.. We need to find a way to build up a team! As Aster said in a perfect world, we can expect changes but in reality, I do not see more than 1 or 2 debutants playing d first test. Dilruwan is seriously a nothing player. I just remember he had a dashing debut season where he did take a few wickets and scored a few runs, a 95 I guess.. Was glad that we found someone in d caliber of Thilan Samaraweera. Ever since all that hype, he is just a very ordinary bowler. I think Kusal Mendis wud be a better option wit d ball than Dilruwan!

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It should be Kusal Janith Perera.

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Anyway a left arm fast bowler must be in the team.

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