“The victory belongs to the head coach”

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  1. Sad to see Highly unethical third-class vociferate aimed towards the frustrated fans & unprofessional comments from these guys….. they should remember SL fans have never released their enormous frustration in any violent manner towards the players as in our neighboring countries. & always supported them in the field.

    team matters shouldn’t be leaked out in social media to glorify a man highly paid to do the job & produce results, but failed miserably…… and if he is not the man 200% responsible & answerable to the disastrous past 12 month nosedive….. who else is?

    I wonder how many seniors in the cheering squad did at least a fraction of that debutante boy Avishka @ No11 did to bring this marvelous win ? Without Avishka’s gutty inning KJp wouldn’t have made it through the usual pack. The credit should go to the new selectors for introducing him.

    Winning a match in SA is great, but it shouldn’t be a flash in the pan kind of thing… as we have seen such freaky success over Aussies in 2016 whitewash.! It seems these guys don’t know how to celebrate a victory gracefully 🙁

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